wilderness systems zephyr

I’m interested in the Wilderness Systems Zephyr; however, it’s a new boat and there is only one review posted (which was generally positive). I’d like to hear more - has anyone else paddled it in varying conditions? What does it do well? What does it not do well?

the designer of it is a member here
his screen name is flatpick.

I see the max weight rating. Any idea how performance would be altered by a 230-240# paddler weight? I saw a plastic T170 here in a green so dark it looked almost black. Is the Z available in that? Is that by special order only?

Olive is a core color

I Demoed One Recently

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Unfortunately it was on a slick calm lake. It was very easy to roll. Very manueverable. Comfortable... WS added an inch or two to the cockpit coaming so entering and exiting was a pleasure. (Thank you!) Lots of secondary stability so edging was easy.

I didn't have my GPS with me but I could tell the Zephyr didn't have the speed / glide that my Tempest has. Makes sense as it's shorter and wider. I really need to rent one and take it to the coast.

I guess that was olive I was seeing
it looked almost black

more turny than a Tempest, more rocker and shorter. wider than a T, more stable, especially in the 2ndary plane.

great in surf, chop and such.


I just got back from Door Co and Great Lakes sympos. the boats were popular.


Wilderness System Zephyr
I just finished Paddle Oregon in a rented Zephyr. Initially I was very disappointed in not getting the Tempest 170 that I signed up for. However this boat really grew on me. It was very comfortable and it got me safely through the mild rapids we encountered on this trip. It has reasonable speed. I would consider owning either a RM Zephyr or T170 as a secondary boat. Now if only my EFT would get here …


Newberg, OR