Wilderness Tarpon 100 vs 120

-- Last Updated: Jul-10-16 4:30 PM EST --

I am new to kayaking. I am 5''10" approx 195 lbs. I am considering the Wilderness Tarpon 100 and 120 SOT. I am looking for a SOT kayak that will perform well in lakes and calm rivers as well as flooded rivers with faster moving water and small rapids caused by the weather. Overall stability is not my top concern as I am looking to increase my core strength and skill level. I am more concerned about it being able to function in all of these conditions and provide the ability to practice skills and improve skills under multiple conditions. I also would like storage compartments to carry accessories and snacks for a day trip.

Go with the
100. I have both.

Smaller, lighter, easier to load and more maneuverable on rivers. You’re not too big for the 100.

120 is good if you need the extra capacity or plan on long(er) paddles where addl speed is desirable or in bigger water.