Wilderness Tarpon 135T vs Brooklyn UH-TK122US Coastal Cruiser

I’m trying to decide between these two kayaks. We have a couple of Sundolphin Journey SS10s that the kids use and we want a tandem for my wife and I, or one if the kids and I to use for two-up fishing and occasional solo use with some 2-3 day camping thrown in. The Wilderness is 9 inches longer and 11 pounds heavier, but has a skid plate which the Brooklyn is lacking. The Brooklyn has integrated rod holders and longer accessory tracks.

Any experience with either? Recommendations?


This is the first I have heard of Brooklyn Kayak Company. Never seen their boats before.

Given the wide variety of ways you plan to use the boat, including going solo, you may do better with a boat like the Ocean Kayak Malibu 2 or 2XL. These kayaks have less built in accessories (no rod holders or the like), but what you gain back is flexibility. Specifically, they have a center seating position, should you decided to paddle it solo (where the two boats you listed would require paddling out of the back seat, which throws off the boat performance characteristics a lot). The 2Xl (and maybe the 2) can also be used for 3 smaller people (or an adult and 2 smaller people).

I thought Wilderness Systems had a similar flexibly SOT, but didn’t see one on their web site. I didn’t see one at Brooklyn Kayak Company web site either.