Wilderness Tempest or Zephyr

Have my eyes currently on a Wilderness Tsunami 135 and looking at the forum responses on a previous message, I (male, 5.7, 150 lbs, 9" feet) think I will fit comfortably.

As an alternative, I saw that the Zephyr 15.5 is positioned somewhat in between the Tempest and the Tsunami.

It is hard to find any information on the Zephyr characteristics on the web because it is so new.

Is there anybody out there who has a Zephyr and , even better, is able to compare it with the Tempest (of which there is much more info available) ?

Thanks in advance!

Must Have missed the current threat on the Zephyr when I was using the search function!

Let me read it quickly

More boat
I don’t know much about that Tsunami model, but I think you will find the Z is much more capable and will not limit your skill development or distance ability like the shorter boat. I’ve got a Meridian, pappy of the Zephyr, and it’s a dandy! The few changes that I wish for in the M have been nicely built into the Z, from what I hear…


Zephyr review
I don’t know if you’re still questioning the differences between the two, but I put up my review of the Zephyr from a brief paddle here.


I’ll try and keep up with this thread… I loved paddling the Zephyr and the Tempest, and I’m currently debating which to get. Post up more questions that you have for people to address!