Wilderness Tripping - North or South Carolina

Does anyone know of a kayak or canoe trip that runs about 30 to 50 miles with a pullout location that you can camp at in North or South Carolina? I run a Boy Scout troop and we are trying to find a location. We are based out of Spartanburg SC. Any help would be greatly appreciated. We don’t need a campground or anything like that as we all will be utilizing Hammocks. Again - any help is greatly appreciated.

Perhaps the Congaree? I haven’t done it, but I’ve been wanting to. Starting in Columbia SC, head downstream for about 40 mile of wilderness. Perhaps someone with local knowledge will chime in.

A couple :smile:
-The Lumber River in NC
-The French Broad River in Nc

  • the Edistoe River in SC


Try going to www.gopaddlesc.com for more info.

The Edisto has a State Park about every 20 miles starting at the US 21.
The first is Colleton SP . Givhans Ferry is 20+ miles down river from there. The next take out is Martin’s Landing but there is no park. Carolina Heritage Outfitters is a good source of info and support for the Edisto.
The Saluda River drainage can carry you from Traveler’s Rest to the ocean as van the Savannah River drainage that forms the border of SC and Georgia. It is a series of lakes but there are lots of parks along the way.
There is a SC Paddling Guide that is a good source also.