Wilderness Tsunami 135

Hi there,

I am trying to a to buy a kayak which fits all my requirements and with my lack of experience that makes it not easy. I am 5.7, 150 lbs and shoesize 9. I tried the Wilderness 140 and 125 and both felt really good. Did try the longer ones as well but they felt sensitive for sidewind.

When I checked the web I saw Wilderness has ‘female’ version the tsunami 135m which is 13.6’ and 1.5" lower than the 140 and a liitle over an inch narrower. If I would fit, this would probably be may best bet: lighter, a little bit shorter for storage and handling and more narrow for higher speed. There are no 135’s here in the neighborhood of Houston, as far as I know.

Are there any guys out there, that just like me see this kayak as an opportunity?

Please tell me your experience.


I just purchased
a Tsunami 135 from REI. I ordered it online but picked it up from the store. No shipping fee that way.

Can’t comment on the issue of gender but I can share this web site that I found useful.


I am a newbie to kayaks so I don’t have a comparison to anything else really. I am happy with my purchase though.

Tell me More please!
Thank for your response, the site you recommend has indeed some good practical advise.

If I may be so impolite, can I ask you your size and weight and do you think that that carrying additional luggage for three days in this relative small kayak would be a problem? Would it sink too much in the water?

Also I read from another post that the 135 has a bit less stability because its narrower. Do you consider that as a positive challenge?

I checked the REI. They only have one color. For seakayaking, I would like to have some bright color such as red or yellow. What did you buy, did you discuss delivery of any other colors with REI?

Did you ever weigh your kayak. The stated weight difference of 155lbs for the 140 and 150 lbs for 135 seems small.

Thank you very much for sharing this valuable info!

Tsunami 160
I am 5’7" 155 size 9 shoe and just bought a Tsunami 160, fits great and is not a bit tippy.

Similar size
I’m a 5’9", 160-lb male. I have found that boats “designed for smaller paddlers” or “designed for women” usually fit me better than “standard” boats(whatever that is).

If you can pack like a backpacker, the weight of gear shouldn’t be a problem unless you’re carrying all your water. Weight low in the hull will make the boat more stable. Volume might be more of an issue than weight. You can always bring your gear to the dealer and try packing a demo boat.

As for stability, most new paddlers find that their perceptions of stability change quickly as they spend more time on the water. A narrower beam and lower deck will allow a more comfortable, efficient paddle stroke, and let you use a shorter(and lighter) paddle.

160 vs 135
Thanks for your response.

On below side some dimensions are given:


135: width 22.75", depth 13.5", hatch 35.1"x18.8", max. paddler weight 195 lbs


160: width 23.5", depth 14.5", hatch 35".x19", max paddler weight 230 lbs

So I guess that the 160 does not compare well with 135 but better with the 140, which is also made for the smaller (but no so small) paddler.

I tried the 140 and had quite some room left and I guess that you, having approx my dimensions should be comfortable in the 160 and not cramped at all.


Better Fit
Thanks for your advice. Yes I am used to backpacking with a mimumum amount of gear, so it is good to hear that this may be we the way to go and make it work.

What Kayaks do you have or tried? Do you have any sizes or examples? I am not sure if I can directly compare sizes of different manufacturars.


Its a good boat to start with
You may want to try and find a used one to save a few bucks.

I have an Avocet RM with homemade custom thighbraces and a Pyranha S8 225 whitewater kayak. I haven’t paddled the Tsunamis much yet, but in the Tempests I much prefer the 165 to the 170.

I prefer a snug-fitting boat for better control, and I dislike the “sitting in a bathtub” feel of a deep boat. Many people prefer a looser fit.

Used Tsunami 135
I am not sure If I can find one used. Apparently the 135 is a new model for 08. May be a demo, but these should go for premiums as well, I guess.

But lets used try it:

Is there anybody out there with a Yellow Tusnami 135 willing to sell?



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I did not inquire about obtaining a different color from REI. Mine is light blue.

I am 5'5" and weigh 125#. I feel very comfortable in the cockpit. I wouldn't want it any bigger, for certain.

I haven't paddled my boat with a load so I can't comment on that. I do not anticipate any problems. If you are used to backpacking, I would think you would have plenty of room. I have more room than I do in my pack, for sure.

I don't find it to feel unstable at all. It feels more like it is a part of me... responsive to the way I move. I like that. Boats that have very good primary stability feel so much less responsive to me. Instead of being a part of, I feel I am sitting on them.

Well, I am a bit heavier than you and a bit taller as well, but not much.

I think having read all the various replies that 5.7, 150 lbs, size 9, will fit in the 135.

Thank you and the rest for replying!

REI Sale
REI’s having a sale: 15% off all kayaks. Maybe give them a call & see if they can order you a yellow one. At least that’ll save you a little bit. They’re also selling PFDs & paddles for 20% off…

Another suggestion
Take a look at the Tsunami 120, it is a bit smaller and tighter then the 125 or 140, but bigger then the 135. I think it would be a good fit for you based on what info you’ve given us. The only disadvantage as compared to the 135 or 140 is that it is only 12’ long so less storage space. Even though it is only 12’ it tracks very well though. I have the 120 and love it. To give you an idea for size I’m a 5’10" 165lb male with a 32" inseam and 32" waist. The 120 is probably just a bit tight for me, but the 125 felt a lil big. I’m apparently in between the two sizes and could have gone with either one. I preferred the tighter fit to the looser fit though.

Best of luck and if you want any more info or feedback on the Tsunami let me know.

don’t forget…
…they stand behind the stuff they sell with a pretty good guarantee.

An interesting boat…
Maybe this is a “chick boat” in terms of it’s hull dimensions, but it’s got some nice features and is fairly narrow. I’m looking for a more portable sea boat maybe, and this looks interesting.

I wonder if I could stuff my 5’8" (on a tall day) 200lb girth in that boat (around size 10 feet)?

Gotta find a demo I guess (I’m digging the lime green).


it’s a nice boat for smaller folks, be them M or F. The hull and the water don’t know the diff!

I fit comfortably in a Ts 135 and weigh 175 and am 5’11 and size 10.5 feets. many saw me do my boat control demo it at some of the events this spring and it worked well.


Wahoo, you’ve given me hope. Now I just need to find a demo, and one in a colour other than pink. :wink: