Wilderness Tsunami vs Corona Perception

I'm looking for a touring kayak. I'm 6', 180lbs, athletic and comfortable on the water -- have tried most water sports.

The main use for the kayak would be on the NC instracoastal waterway but I may use a bit on the lake and a little in the open ocean.

I plan to buy used because I won't use it that often - I live a ways from the coast.
Two used ones by me are the Wilderness Systems Tsunami 145 vs Perception Corona 14.5. What do you think would be better?

depends on your planned usage
The Corona has to be at least 15 years old (since Perception stopped making them around 2000) so I would inspect it very carefully for UV damage and oil-canning (if it has been well cared for it will be fine). I would bet the Tsunami is a little newer, but all things being equal, here are the similarities and differences:

The two models are the same length (14’ 8") but the Tsunami is 2" wider and higher volume so it will be a tiny bit more stable but slower. The 145 is really scaled for a bigger guy than you and might perform best carrying some more weight in the hatches. The Tsunami has a bit more storage capacity though the Corona definitely has enough for overnight gear.

So you might want to look at the Tsunami as a family sedan and the Corona as a sport coupe, using a car analogy. I would say, look at both boats and sit in them (probably not realistic to expect to be able to water test them), compare what shape they are in and consider what aspects of performance are most important to you if they both look like an equally good deal.

Good analogy
Tsunami 145 extremely stable and voluminous cockpit with the Coronas round bottom tossing many beginners who don’t brace right over. The Corona will require less effort to cruise.

You will probably need to learn to
roll paddling the Corona in waves, the Tsunami not so much.

If either one is ruddered it would be worth replacing push/pull rudder controls with Sealect Designs rudder controls, especially the Corona.

I still have a Corona, bought 16 years ago. I haven’t paddled it in a few years, but it’s a very good designed kayak. When I bought it, it was about the best outfitted boat in it’s size. Very nice hatches/covers, perimeter lines, but I didn’t get the rudder. I did a good deal of customizing for my fit and it is the most comfortable yak I have. I since got into Valleys, but have never been able to replicate the fit that I have in the Corona. Don’t kknow what your prices are, but it retailed for a grand back then. I still have it 'cause it’s worth way more than I could sell it for. I highly recomend it. My screen name reflects the boat… Been here 16 yrs…