wilderness vs. rockstar

Hello I would like to know what the difference is between the two. I know the rockstar has more rocker on the front. I am 5’10’ 220 pounds and will mostly be doing shallow rock rivers, and I will be camping out of it alot. As some of you will notice I have posted alot about solo canoes and I am finally getting one in 3 weeks! I was all settled on the yellowstone but I think I am to fat for it. Any testimonials will be appreciated. Thank you for your patience with me.

i’m bigger than you and chose the rockstar for a river friendly touring canoe. i’ve been well pleased. the boat is stable yet responsive, has a generous freeboard when loaded with me and a load of camping gear, and is comfortable (with a little padding added to the seat) all day. i’d buy it again if i were looking. my other boat is a wenonah prism and is a better straight ahead big open water boat, but the rockstar is easily the better boat on small twisty rivers and streams.

At your weight (same as mine) and
with your plan to carry camping gear, I think the Rockstar is the way to go. It will behave better than the Yellowstone with the extra load. You may not have quite the speed, but neither boat is fast, and speed is not usually a consideration on moving water.

Pouring gas…

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I'll pour a little gas on the fire......

Just for the sake of looking; go to Swift Canoes website & take a look at their royalex Raven.

A little deeper, a little narrower, a little heavier, a little shorter, and has more rocker. More manueverable........

The Rockstar reminds me of a giant Yellowstone Solo; which is not necessarily a bad thing.

Cost nothing to look.