Wilderness Waterway Shuttle Possibility

I will be Guiding 2 South to North, Flamingo to Everglades City, Wilderness Waterway Trips this Winter. Jan 22-29 and Feb 10-17. My mini van and trailer will be at Flamingo and would love for someone taking out Jan 22-28 or Feb 10-16 after doing a North to South trip, Everglades City to Flamingo, to drive it back to the Everglades City Ranger Station. This would save you at least $400 in shuttle fees. Just fill The van up with gas at Everglades City.

There is still space available on both trips if anyone is interested in a guided trip!

Hey Joel
If you get another in March, let me know. We will be at Flamingo from March 2nd to March 15th.

We had planed to do a loop trip because we didn’t want to pay for a shuttle, but we are always open to Game plan “B”.

jack L

going Feb 1-10!

Jack I’ll be in Flamingo at that time.
With relatives. Perhaps we can work something out.

If you ended a North to South trip on the 10th you could take my van back to EC.