Wilderness Waterway

just finished it up in a couple days , it was very easy , its not what it is hyped up to be with the animals and bugs , never encountered any hoxie-seeums , and taking advantage of the new right to carry firearms in the park i believe kept the animals from coming out and playing , the everglades is not a very pretty place and will never be back there again , prolly not the state of florida ever again.

the wind must have been in your favor
It was not in our favor. We finished a loop of WW and Gulf.

Florida is one of my fav places to paddle and this was my fifth Glades trip.

Believe me there will be a sixth. We have to sort through seven hundred bird reptile and dolphin and manatee photos.

Any positives?
You make it sound terrible. I imagined it better than that.

Dirty? Too many people? Too many boats? That awful winter weather Florida suffers through?

I would have guessed that just being away from everyday life would have left you feeling good about the trip. Sure would suck to spend a week or two on vacation and come back saying you’ll never visit the state again. Kind of a bummer to read.

Anyways, I hope your spring paddling leaves you feeling better.

the wind was not in our favor , we spent 14 hours in whitewater bay in a horrible wind storm where i questioned if we were going to make it out alive , which concluded with 4 hours of finishing the trip in the dark , which apperantley is spose to be dangerous , driving down there the people of florida are nuts , none of them no how to drive , and with the freeze that they had made alot of the scenerey look nasty , and the chew is expensive in florida , seems that jack the prices up on everything down there

Maybe spend some more time…

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"just finished it up in a couple days , it was very easy , its not what it is hyped up to be"

The wilderness waterway is about 100 miles long. This requires at least 7 days to finish it. You say of those "couple of days" 14 hours were spent fighting the winds in Whitewater Bay. I am sure if this would have been my experience I would have hated it too.

Fortunately, I live close by and paddle through the Everglades as many times as possible. It's subtle beauty can only be found if you don't rush through.

I would imagine
all those nuts drivers you come across that don’t know how to drive probably are transplants and learned to drive somewhere else.

Those "couple days " were 5 , there was an olympic guy from canada that apparently done it in 24 hours , it was not uncommon to hear it being done in 3 or 4 days ,

Why rush the trip?
I give myself 10 - 14 days at least once a year (got kin-folk in 'Glades city & Chokoloskee) to enjoy the family stomping grounds. I feed myself on what the 'glades has to offer (fish & crab for the main course, all kinds of veggies, carbs, & fruit for side dishes & desserts if you where & how to look). Lots of subtle beauty there if you slow down & take the time to enjoy it. For entertainment you can always decapitate a few pythons along the way.

I say give it another try but ease up on the pace & enjoy the surroundings. It does make a difference.