"Wilderness Women"

Not looking to turn paddling.net into matchmaker.com here…

With that said…I would give the world to find a lady that is into paddling. The women that I see at the paddling club events are married.

Wondering if anyone has ever found love while paddling.

In the DC area…there are a million gov staffers…and ahhhh no female paddlers -(

let the stupid a## responses flow…


Wilderness women
You never know what is up around the next bend of the river. Every time out is a potential “lucky day”.

Kayaking Girlfriend
Invite every gal you meet (that interests you) on a special kayak paddling date. Don’t forget a light picnic and a bottle of chilled Chardonay. If you don’t have an extra boat…rent one. They’ll either love it or hate it. Eventually, you’ll find the right combination. Or…come on down to Texas on your next vacation. There are plenty of good-looking, single lady kayakers around here.

Tread softly and be careful
of the devious ones.

I am one of the fortunate ones who has a wife that loves to paddle, hike, bike and camp.

One of our sons wanted a girl “just like mom”, and he met a little cutie, (with a daughter by a previous marriage) who lured him right in.

“I love camping and kayaking and just adore the outdoor life” was all I heard.

I think it took me all of five minutes to see through her, but love is blind and they got married before he ever even had a chance to know her.

He bought her a kayak so they could go togeher which they did for about six months.

Now her kayak sits unused and he has to hike, paddle and do the outdoor stuff by himself, while she is at the mall.

So be very careful and don’t get caught in that trap.



No Question About
You are one lucky man, Jack. On the other hand, you are the ype of person that makes a lot of your luck, :slight_smile:

Happy Paddling,


They are there. First time I paddled w/

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a ladies paddling group I received two outright invitations and a few hints of interest from more. BUT I am married and actually was there JUST for the paddling.

Four single female paddling friends just moved out of the area this spring, but I am sure some moved in as well. Washington has a lot of turnover and you have to keep active to meet people.

There are many paddling clubs here. Start there, check them out more than once. I will e-mail you the name of the club with all the ladies that I found. I found it through friends of friends of my wife that paddled. Ya just gotta network!

Have to run, late!



You need to find her on the water.
My wife hiked, camped,kayaked , etc. until the first child , then it was over.She has always given me the freedom to go and do ,so it works, but I wish she was along.

Ask the Married for Help
If you know and like some of the married women paddlers in your local club, you might politely let them know you are interested in meeting single women paddlers. They might know some friends who are good people and paddlers to introduce you to.

Good luck.

My wife is much less outdoorsy now than when we got married. I went to a movie last evening. So I’m hoping to get her out in her kayak this evening. Gotta keep trying; its all to easy to drift apart.

what jackl said
my x seemed to have a sense of adventure- for a while. her material girl self is now fully in charge. i am now very lucky to be with my awesome adventure partner tena. our first date was sailing on my hobie- in december, 45 degrees. our second date she called me to go paddling-in her tandem- 9 am, 45 degrees, misting rain. we’ve been together ever since (7 years now) there are some great women spirits out there, be patient

women paddlers
Check out www.girlsatplay.com

No, it’s not a porn sight. But it is filled with hot, young girl paddlers! Almost makes me wish a was younger! Just almost.

If they are "hot"
they need to shed their PFD’s

Oops, sorry that is another thread



wrong link!!!
I gave you the worng link to the hot paddling girls. Her’s the right one!


more in a hurry
To improve my health and to enjoy becoming a more experienced kayaker than in finding Mr. Right. If a Mr. Right for me is out there somewhere he most likely will already own his own kayak.

I have a very attractive friend with a good job, nice house. She is searching for Mr. Right in the wrong places. I keep telling her to forget the search and do something for herself, such as kayaking with me. She likes water, swims and works out, and I’m reasonably sure she would like kayaking. She is fun, blonde, blue eyed but in Ohio not DC.

This may be one of those “stupid responses” you said to let flow, but perhaps if you came to Ohio I could get her to go kayaking with me in my other yak and you could meet. I know the thought of meeting a cool guy would get her into the water.

Pnet Rendezvous in Ohio?
Could be fun! What river or lake would you suggest?

I will run this by / Hocking River maybe

Looks interesting
Would that be near Hocking Hills State Park?

I’m lucky too…found a beautiful girl who loves the outdoors just as much as me. Keep in mind that there are a lot of “crossover” sports that could lead into paddling. So if you meet someone on the trail while hiking, or at the local climbing wall, or something like that…chances are she’ll like kayaking too!

Good luck!


I’m spoken for…
…but remember seeing a VERY attractive gal at the paddlesports shop with a VERY attractive kevlar yak on her roof rack & we exchanged glances (she was probably thinking “no WAY would I paddle with a tupperware guy!”)

I sure wish my spouse would paddle with me but I’m thinking of selling her boat because it’s just getting dusty as the years go by.

A stupid a## responce
Careful you could run into this one. http://www.moviewavs.com/cgi-bin/mp3s.cgi?Full_Metal_Jacket=horney.mp3

It’s hopeless
The only thing you’ll find on the water are fat, old fishermen.

But… they need love too…