WildernessSystems Piccolo - replacement?

My son, 8 yo, has been trying different kayaks, and he really likes WS Piccolo rental he tried recently. Looking at WS website, I don’t see Piccolo - assume it was discontinued. Does anyone know what model replaced it?

Other boats he tried and didn’t like were too wide (he couldn’t paddle without hitting his hands on the deck) or didn’t track well. I’d like to get him something that he can take out to a calm ocean. I know, one option is to wait till the fall and buy the rental…


Perception Carolina 12
formerly known as the Umiak. The Reno REI has one for $335. You may be able to order on line and have it shipped to your local REI free

check out
perception carolina 12,made for kids. or perception acadia scout 12, also made for kids.

EMC Episea

cat outta BAG
might as well let it out.

we HAVE replaced the Pic.

Tsunami SP (Small person) 12’ X 21" beam. should be in stores early fall. we’ll be showing it at OR (Outdoor Retailer show) next week.

very sweet. bulkheads, backstrap and everything!

that’s all I can say!


other options
yes on the Carolina 12, no on the Scout (still too wide for a kid to paddle).

I have a WS Tchaika (glass) and a Necky Manitou 13 for my kids (9 and 11), and they’re both excellent kid-sized boats. The Necky has the advantage of being big enough so that an adult can use it too, which comes in handy when the snow melts and the rivers get fast here…

Check the P-Net Ads
You should keep an eye on the P-Net classified ads. those little Pics show up every now and then.

Since you didn’t bother to fill in a profile I cannot tell where you live but I know of one “possibly” for sale in Dallas.

So is the Tsunami SP
an upgraded Umiak/ Carolina 12? My son had an Umiak and liked it until he outgrew it.

DIY options



early fall
and that means what for the person ordering one?

all new boat…no upgrade.

we have been dialing the prototype for over a year. It’s been a hoot as it’s top weight is 180 and I weigh…175. heehee. I LOVE small boats.


are you saying they sized the cockpit to fit an average male?

Is is 14" deep too? :wink:

Short and small aren’t the same thing. So many smaller paddlers stuck in too wide/deep boats with poor L/W/D ratios.

Pat needs to bite the bullet and get the Mermaid built offshore.

I’m confused - someone set things straight for me.

Piccolo is/was by Wilderness Systems, another person asks if it’s an upgrade of Umiak, which is by Pereception…?

flatpick - do you work for WS? Did I read correctly, that Tsunami SP is a replacement for Picc?


“Resistance is futile,
you will be assimilated.”

They’re owned by the same conglomerate and now share designs, technology and patents. I would guess that around 90 percent of all American kayak and canoe production is now owned by either Johnson Outdoors or Confluence Watersports. The big question is who’s going to buy who next?


how has it benefited impex and qcc?

yes and yes
yes I work for CWS and yes the Ts-SP IS a small person’s sea kayak.


I’d like to know
about the piccolo in Dallas if brick isn’t interested. I live about 3 1/2 hours away.

My location
… is outside of Boston, MA, fyi, so I won’t be able to acquire the Picc in Dallas area. Thank for the info. I’ll update my profile soon…

Thanks everyone. I’ll keep looking and have my son try different boats as well.