Wildwasser Multifloat?

anyone have one/used one? if I already need to carry a small drybag for misc items plus a paddle float, seems like a good idea that the two could be one.

New ones coming this week
Hi Sapien,

We have new stock of these coming out this week. Also, probably have some good used ones around from sample sets. I like to keep my bilge pump and various other things always in the Multi-float. A paddle float is not much good w/out a pump and this way they are always together.

thanks for asking.


Works Great
Biggest plus I’ve found that like a drybag with the buckle unclipped you can slam a hand on the inflated float and have it deflated in less than a second giving you your paddle blade back. If you have some other items inside then it’s a little less effective.

Always keep them on hand as they’ve proven their worth over the years.

See you on the water,


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