Wildwater (downriver) kayaks

I just read the regulations for the Pole, Pedal Paddle race held at Jackson Hole WY on April 1.

I’m thinking about entering the race for the first time, looks very fun and exciting to me.

I currently own two boats.

A QCC 700, and a very old Dagger Crossfire (12’ long).

The racing class is allowed to use “International Canoe Federation sanctioned wildwater (downriver) kayaks.

This may be a silly question to some of you but I’m not familiar with these kayaks.

I searched the archives with no luck.

Where can I read more about these kayaks?

Dimensions, weight, what are they made of, etc.

Any one know where I can buy a used one or borrow/rent?

I’m 5’9” 175lbs.

Or what else would work for the event?

“Nine miles of Class 1 and 2 grade water on the Snake River”.



check out jackson kayaks they have some nice boats

good luck



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nope, not like Jackson's WW boats,
this is the type of boat they are talking about: http://www.doubledutchuk.com/wwr_pictures.htm
go here to learn more:

Check out Ruahine now dist. by SRS
Ruahine Kayaks, now distributed US and Canada by Simon River Sports, makes some models you might be interested in. Check them out at http://www.simonriversports.com/english/kayak_home.html I don’t have any personal experience with these boats yet – but hope to soon. I compete in some local Class 1 -III river races here in Maine and am looking to get something faster than the Avocet RM that I’ve been using. Good luck!

ICF rules
You can see the ICF rules here http://www.canoeicf.com/wildwater/rules.php the main rules being 4.5m max length, 0.6m minimum width and no rudders. WW boats are unstable and tend to have small cockpits that may make it difficult for the changeover in an event like this. Also they track very straight which in whitewater means a small error can result in unintentionally eddying out.

Many older touring kayaks will meet the WW rules and although a little slower it would only take one swim to lose any advantage the WW kayak had.