Will a J Boat Float?

I just picked up an older Wenonah J200. Being that it’s totaly different from any canoe I’ve paddled I would not be suprised to swim from it now and again.

So the boat has no flotation tanks and I’m wondering if I ought to put some in before my first few outings?


I don’t think it will Tommy
After Ness quickly saved my Shockwave from a long nap on the bottom of Raystown Lake, I’ve started giving the boat it’s own PFD, literally. I’ve been clipping one in till I come up with a better, more permanent solution.

How about streamlined sponsons on
the wings? Then you can pole, or fish for bass.

I believe the core and ribs…
will ‘float’ it, albiet right at the surface, with very little boat showing above the H2o. The problem comes in emptying the hull as the wings make it difficult to rotate and empty the boat single-handedly, and forget about getting back into a J-boat from the H2o even if you could empty it from the H2o.

Anybody got a photo of one?
I’m not familiar with this boat. You gonna pole this one Tommy?


Poling a J Boat!!!??
Ummmmmm… NOPE!


Hopefully I’m going to paddle it while seated without swimming.

If I get that down then I might try to learn to turn it.


I was worried I’d have to hire a diver to recover it for me.

Much better to only have to swim it to shore.

The wings make it faster right?


And I thought that the vestigial floatation in my new Magic was minimal!


Just kidding Tommy
Bring it to Raystown. I’m sure a bunch of us would like to try it. Should be good for a few swims!


Mine floats
Many, many, many, many, many, many times !



Tommy poling a Supernova without a pole!
He was rock solid the whole time too:


Yes, but here’s a tip…
Mine floats, even when it’s full of water. I’ve confirmed that more than once, just to be sure. But it doesn’t float very high. And with those wings, it can be a little awkward to get it emptied again.

So here’s a suggestion…

Even if it’s only partially filled, don’t try to drag it up on shore and tip it over to empty it. Instead, get it upside down in the water, get under it, and lift it mostly straight up, with just a little tipping and shaking. Then flip it rightside up. After that, you may still want to drag it ashore and empty out the last little bit.

(Supposedly, using this sort of technique, you can empty it out while treading deep water, and then climb back in while you’re still in water over your head. Just start from the back and work your way forward until you’re back in your seat. I’ve never mastered that one.)

Enjoy the new J-boat. It’s a fun workout!


I love how that gets mentioned
from time to time. :wink:

why do you think we acknowledge heros?
… in order to encourage a repeat of the same behavior, duh!

I just happened
to be at the right place at the right time. :slight_smile: