Will a WS Tsunami 140 fit a big paddler?

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From what little information I can gather, the Tsunami 140 is designed for smaller paddlers and not people my size (6'4" 245lbs).
The 145, on the other hand, is considered a "high volume" boat. I'm just not sure what that means.
When they say "high volume" are they talking about the cockpit size, or the amount of gear you can store?

The 140 is rated up to 300 lbs, which should be enough, but not if the hull design and cockpit aren't suitable for taller, larger people.
I don't want to shove the boat down into the water so far that it no longer handles, tracks or turns as designed, or such that the primary and secondary stability are adversely effected.

I've read a few reviews on this site written by big folks paddling the 140, but that doesn't mean it's a good idea to do so.

Can anyone tell me if the Tsunami 140 is truly designed for smaller people, or if it would be perfectly alright for someone my size (6'4" 245 lbs)?
I'm not concerned with cargo capacity as I only do day paddles, but if I'm going to screw up the tracking and stability by overloading it, that's another matter.

I've owned 2 Tsunami 145's so I'm familiar with them, but I'm having a heck of a time finding one in a Duralite design, something I need for weight savings and ease of lifting and portaging with an old back injury.
I recently found a 140 Duralite, but it's several hundred miles from my home, so I don't want to make the drive if the 140 isn't going to work.



High volume is paddler plus
Assumption is that the first volume to be concerned about is the paddler, what will be in the center of the boat.

Best to check with an outfitter that handles these boats - there are plenty of them - but my thought is that at your height and leg length you might find the extra half inch of deck height and 6 inches of length in the 145 important for you to get into the thing. The extra length should translate into a little more room for your feet, which I am guessing are also a bit more than my skinny size 7’s. Depending on how you are carrying weight, you may want to ask about the Zephyr 160 with a 17 inch deck height.

It’s good for me.
I’m 5’10" and 240 and paddle a Tsunami 140. It doesn’t sit terribly low in the water in my opinion. I have a 32" inseam and there are several more “clicks” in the footpeg length. I’d guess shoe size 13+ would be a tight fit.

Did a demo this weekend, and
the short answer is Yes. The Tsunami 140 (with a rudder) was a snug fit but did fit me.

I actually found it to be a better fit than the 145 which I rattled around in a bit.

Thanks for the replies.

how was the leg room?

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I would have guessed that at your height you would be beyond the max setting on the foot pegs, the rails could be relocated forward if needed however.

Did you get to paddle it and see how it handles with you in it? I am 185# and have carried 70# of gear & supplies in the Tsunami 140, and could take a bit more; freeboard is OK but it does make it track harder.

Keep in mind the Duralite model has a foam pillar between the feet, so foot room could be an issue. The pillar could be modified or removed but it's there to add stiffness due to the lighter polyethylene.

I happen to be considering selling my Tsunami 140-DL with rudder but I'm on the east coast.

145 better fit
I close to your size. I’m 6’ 1" and weigh 240. I found the 145 to be a better fit, especially down in the foot area as I wear size 13s.

The Zephyr is a good recommendation,
No doubt the Tsunami 145 would work better than the 140 for your size/weight, but a Zephyr would be great if someone wanted a little more performance in a day tripper.

Agree with the Zephyr
suggestion. I moved from a Tsunami to a Zephyr and I am very happy withe change. The Zephyr 160 fits big folks well and provides better performance if you are interested in paddling a boat with some turning ability and rough water performance.