Will buy this weekend but ??

As I mentioned in a prior thread I am buying a kayak, finally.

Unfortunately I cannot find an NC in this area to try so I must go other avenue. Friday i will be checking out the Current Design Infinity, Caribou and Andromeda. I know the Infinity is a bit longer and more of a “tourer”

The Andromeda is an older model. No longer made by CD. After looking at specs for both Caribou and Andromeda they seem quite similar except Caribou has hard chine and Andromeda is a bit more narrow.

From what I have read in 2011 the chines on the Caribou were softened a bit. The one I’m looking at is a 2010. So i cannot really see a difference between the Bou and the Andromeda save 1 inch difference in beam.

These three boats are all new Kevlar layups. Andromeda is a 2005 others are 2010 and again all new. i will not be able to paddle just sit in them.

BTW good pricing on these kayaks. Each is $2,800.

I have read the reviews on all boats. The Andromeda got 10/10 across the board from all reviewers.

What makes this boat so special?

Anybody have experience with any of these kayaks. I’m thinking Infinity better tracker.

Any input is much appreciated. If I fit I will buy just not sure which one. Also of note the cockpit dimensions are identical.

Thanks for all your help.


CD makes fine craft, and I haven’t checked the specs on these boats as you have.

Just an observance, the same size cockpit can feel a lot different if the height of the deck changes. A higher deck will allow more knee movement for a given lenght than a low deck.

Just sayin’


cockpit height
All three have same “depth” of 13.5. Don’t know if depth is the same as cockpit height.

two kayaks are completely different from each other…the specs mean NOTHING…test drive , these two are two different to just read about them.

Best Wishes


different how?

Exactly how are the Caribou and Andromeda different. As I mentioned in my post I cannot test drive aside from a sit in the cockpit.

That was the purpose of my post to get info from others in how they differ. If I am comfortable sitting in both what would I expect from each on the water?



Might be hard,
but I’d hold off buying until you can do more than just sit in them. Paddling one, even for a short time, will let you know if its what you’re looking for. You have the money for a great kayak already…may as well learn a little more about them and KNOW you have the one you like.

Andromeda has deep V-hull
I would not recommend the Andromeda. It has a very deep V-hull, which is probably why CD no longer makes it. It makes the primary stability very twitchy from side to side, and hard to maneuver without extreme edging.

The deep V-hull design was a fad for a while and several manufacturers made boats with this design feature (CD, Eddyline, P&H) but my impression is that it’s considered an old-school design and most of these designs have been discontinued.

P&H did bring back the Sirius as a “classic”, probably because it’s one of the most stable rough-water designs ever made.

The Caribou has a shallow V-hull, so it will track better than the Infinity, which has a shallow arch.

Also, unless you are a large, strong paddler, the Infinity will probably be too big.

I’d go with the Caribou.

question about andromeda

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Was that boat built as a competitor to the Nordkapp?

i've always admired the lines of the andromeda and understand it's a pretty fast sea kayak.

“fad” may be a bit harsh

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I think the Legend and Silhouette have deep 'v' hulls also. Legendary kayaks.

Have you ever paddled the andromeda? You might venture to the reviews if so, because your post seems to vary a bit from the reviews.

The Caribou is widely used
by guides. I have not paddled the other boats but have paddled the pre-2011 Caribou. It is a very nice boat and you cannot go wrong choosing it. Also, ignore the 10’s from the reviews here. Many boats get all 10’s, including some real clunkers.

I enjoyed the irony
your first three sentences seem to be a bit in conflict with your last two, no? I’m sure there is an Andromeda owner who would put it exactly as you did, only in reverse.

Maybe the most concise and safe response is:



What each returns is contingent upon the owner.

You should order the Qcc. :slight_smile:

Ryan L.

Caribou redesign
actually began w. 2010 models, not 2011:


so you will be sitting in a redesigned one - which will give you no idea at at about the differences.

if you really want to understand why the Caribou has been so popular for a decade, try one of the older ones. The newer style is the de-tuned version (polite way to say more mass marketed)

Nice, used Caribous do show up on a fairly regular basis. You could demo and feel for yourself if YOU like it.

but one may not show up this weekend.

Since you say you cannot paddle them I say sit in each on. Which ever is the most comfortable is the way to go. If 2 are equally comfortable than decide based on your needs. Better tracking vs more manuverability.

I agree the whole idea of “too much kayak for you” is way overplayed.

Have fun, be safe. I would stick to the pool or flat water close to shore till you have a good deal of confidence in your boat.

but did he ask for the most popular boat

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Here's where I think the advice goes awry: people stop reading from the OP and start thinking about their own needs and desires. My Explorer is a popular boat but I'd trade it for a nordkapp in a second.
Not to say that either boat is the better answer; however, the OP does indicate the desire to be challenged and to accept a greater risk/reward equation. Just my $0.02.

Where are you?
Your profile doesn’t say.

All boats get 10/10. Well, almost. Turns out people like their boats.

what I look for in reviews

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If you look beyond the pointless ratings, you can often find common threads, likes and dislikes that get into more meaningful specifics. Almost every review here on the andromeda mentions an intangible preference.

I'm still wondering about the andromeda from anyone here (outside of the review section) who has paddled one. To me it seems like the nordkapp was the intended competition but I'm not sure. You ever get the chance to paddle one, bow?

Popular boat ??
I don’t think he is looking for most popular boat. I think he is looking for any experience in any or all of these boats from other members.

I know the Gulfstream is very popular as is the Caribou. I cannot find alot of info on the Infinity, which I believe is more of a long distance tracker based on length alone. Lastly I can find no info from CD about the Andromeda. Not sure why. It’s not in their catalog. I’m thinking the Caribou replaced it.

No that cannot be Caribou has been around long time.

I have no clue about the Andromeda. i do see in an earlier post in this thread that maybe it was discontinued since it was a very hard boat to handle?? So why discontinue? There are always paddlers looking for new and challenging boat.

Maybe low sales?

I’m with you on reviews. There are a couple that do not get high marks but yeah most people like or try to like what they spent money on.

There are some similarities. Example: In the reviews of the CD Gulfstream lots of complaints about plastic leaky bulkheads. Is this a big deal. I don’t know.

Last year I was looking for a new car and reading the reviews in Consumer’s Edmund’s etc. made me nuts.

Different strokes (no pun intended) for different boats.

To the OP: sit in the boats and buy one. You can look forever. I see one poster recommends QCC. Yeah so order a boat on line, wait a month, get the boat and you don’t like it. Now send back to QCC for refund. Good policy but at this point the boating season may be near over depending on your locale.

I’d think you need to at least sit in the thing before buying. Not saying QCC is no good just not any dealers. Similar to NC. I hear they are good but you must order on line. Oh yes, they WILL NOT allow a return cause you “don’t like it”

Dude: buy a boat this weekend and enjoy!!!