Will I Fit in A Kayak? 36" Inseam

I am very tall and have a size 36 inseam. Will I fit into a basic Kayak as I am going to rent one this Saturday?

A “recreational” kayak? Probably.
My legs are almost as long, and I fit into an Old Town rec boat with no difficulty. Usually rental places have some alternative craft to offer.

36" Inseam - Thanks for answering
Thanks for the post. I will now pay the $100 for a night tour for me and my girlfriend as I was nervous that I would not fit but since you fit I will give it a shot.


Foot size is equally important!
I’m probably also a 36" inseam (I’m 6’4") and I would fit length-wise in a whole lot of boats if it were not for my fot size (15). But I fit in precious few because of this - if I had foot size 12 or 13 max I could fit in a lot more boats that are otherwise just fine.

Ask the shop what boats they got and let us know - we may be able to help you find out if you will fit. The boat owners also may be able to tell you as well if you ask them.

My right foot is size 15, and in most
cases it has not been an issue. Rec kayaks usually provide more room to splay the legs and adjust the feet. On the other hand, the overall sloppy fit makes for inferior control.

There are many kayaks that
will fit you and many others could be modified.If it turns out your legs are too long for the model you are renting, ask them to pull the foot braces out. Or put your feet between them.

A guaranteed solution, long term, is get a canoe.

What boats have you tried???
Anything slimmer than an Impex Assateague and it gets crowded in there for a size 15 on a 36" inseam. If you got 32-33" inseam, then yes, plenty of options in the “expedition” or “HV” variety, which I do not want -;(

Chainsaw the feet.

inseam…no problema
You should find a kayak symposium near you to go to. You can try a host of boats there and see which feels best.


I have a Necky Looksha Sport, and
have had no foot problems, although I had to hog out the seat sides for my hips. The rental I tried was an Old Town rec boat, 14 feet long and much bigger inside than my Necky.

even “Loose” fitting kayak can fit well because ussually even if the kayak is wider, the seat will be the same width. I’ve noticed that my thighs rub gently against the sides of my seat on my pamlico 140 and the seat feels the same on 22" wide models i’ve tried. The only difference is on wider kayaks, there is more room inbetween the gunwhale and the side of the seat.

Almost all adult sized kayak seats I’ve tried are around 17-18" wide, narrower than the kayak. So kayak width doesnt have to do with it all that much. I can lean my Pamlico 140 fine.

And, you custom outfit wider kayaks to feel snug.

34" and size 14s
I have no problem fitting un some smallish boats like Romany and Nordkapp. I’ve removed the footpegs and foamed out the bulkheads. I think either of these boats would fit a longer inseam than mine. I have 1.5" foam in my Romany and the standard Norkapp bulkhead would have required 6+ inches. I moved mine back 5".

this seems like an obvious question
but did you call the place involved? Sounds like you’ve narrowed it down to a specific outfitter and a specific trip. You could just call and ask …

Have a nice trip! Night on your very first trip! Too extreme for me …

Yeah, rec boats are more often OK
once they get over certain width… Go sown to 22-24" width range and then the choices that fit long legs with large feet narrow (literally) quite a bit -:wink: