will my peilcan pursuit 100

break if i use the straps to tight on it? when i fasten it to cart?

I hope not, then again not sure how tight you’ll make it.

just tight enough
so it dont fall off which is pretty tight my cart is kinda like this one http://www.amazon.com/Seattle-Sports-Deluxe-Boat-Cart/dp/B001D4N9KU

I use to …
worry a lot about my shoelaces breaking. I finally figured out not to pull so tight. I don’t believe half the questions on these boards are serious, at least I hope not!

Yes, if you pull it too tight, it will

breakage would be a sign
of the straps too tight, yes. Personally, I believe as long as you stay away from 4 cycle gas powered straps over 3.5 horsepower, your “peilcan” should be okay.

Dueling Banjos
Remember Lonnie, the mentally challenged inbred in Deliverance ? Well before he wrote that song and started collecting the royalties, his family only had wood and canvas canoes. When they would tighten the straps on the cart, the canoes would break. With their new found riches they bought some Pelican Canoes. Now when they’d tighten the straps to the carts, the Pelican canoe held up BUT the straps would break. Their hands would come up knocking out a tooth or two each time they did this.

It is best to wear a helmet with a full face guard whenever putting a Pelican on a cart. OK ?

reason i ask
is i tighten the hell out of it and half way to the lake its loosens its self up and starts to fall of cart

Dont refer to the brand name Pelican, you’d get kicked off the site or at the very least the snobs will ride your but for weeks. Just call it a kayak…they dont need to know the brand.

tie-down problem?
Are you sure your straps are loosening, or maybe they are stretching? If the latter, then maybe you need straps of a different material (like ratcheting tie-down nylon/poly straps). If the former, either your boat is deforming a bit or you need to talk to a boyscout who has a knots badge.

realy not sure
what kinda straps they are they was pretty cheap and ya ratchet em to get em tight.but i have no idea what they are made of maybe i can find the pack they came in

im saveing for a new kayak but this pelican sure is better then nothing

the yak is moving forward or backward on the cart, and the fat part was originally the contact area? If so, tie the yak fore and aft to prevent slippage.

i think ya may be right on the slipping
ill try ya advice.ty

another thing
is, using 2 straps, strap closer to each end if cart allows.

cool will try that 2
thinking a geting a new cart also… its hard as hect to load when kayaks wet love to slip off before i fasten it