Will neoprene unravel if cut?

I picked up a farmer jane shorty and really like it except that the leg openings are way too tight for my bicyclist quads. If I make a small vertical cut across the lower edge seam, will I be asking for trouble? Or is there a way to heat the cut edges to stop it from unraveling?


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Cutting a slit in it is going to cause it to tear. I don't think heating will do much for you.

Agree it might tear…but
if you put a few stitches at the apex of the tear, that might stop any additonal tearing.


another option

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If you cut neoprene straight across it won't tear but with the pressure on the slit it might. If you can get a little piece of neoprene you can cut the slit and sew in a little triangle of neoprene to fill the gap. I've altered quite a bit of neoprene stuff to make it fit and its really easy to work with. I recently did the exact opposite to a pair of shorts.

I don't know what kind of wetsuit you got but some have a rubber seal around the leg opening. If its anything like one of my wetsuits, you can just cut the rubber seal off straight around and the neoprene will stretch more. If you do this, the only thing I would do is put a few extra stiches at the end off the seams.

Great idea
I’ll give this a shot. Thanks!

Opening is tight for a reason
It keeps water from flushing through the garment. If you violate the seal you will lose a lot of effectiveness for keeping warm.

If you cut @ seam stitch a few cross
wraps back in just to act as a stopper.

If you use a wetsuit all the time, look into a custom one … you will be suprised as to how inexpensive they are … this is based on Souther California knowledege.

Look @ things from your physique too … is sliceing the seam really gonna do it ? Probably not and will only cause the suit to ride up to the slash point and be a pressure point for both you and the suit + degrade suits performance and resale value.

neoprene is very durable

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and is easy to alter to give you the fit you want. I have customized all of my neoprene wear to fit me better. If you cut the rolled seam off of the bottom of the leg it should give you a lot more stretch. Anywhere that neoprene has been sewn or glued will decrease it's stretch. The neoprene won't start rip, it will be just fine. The only area you need to make secure is at the seam. Melco heat tape works great, but if you don't have any, I have used a small piece of material and contact cemented it to the seam area.

I cut some but not paddling wear
I made a pair of cheap neoprene “hunter socks” into bicycling overshoes.

Cuts consisted of a long one up one side to make them possible to pull over the shoe, plus a rectangular hole to accommodate cleats.

The cuts have never torn, but they are not under much stress, as I think your thigh-area cuts would be.

I would bring the suit to a shop that does neoprene repair and wetsuit alterations (yes, there is such a thing). There is a one-person shop in my area that does this type of work. Maybe ask dive shops if they know of one.