Will she or won't she?

The eternal question except this was will she or won’t she be a water dog. She is a 4 month old Labradoodle. Until today the only water she had seen was in her bowl.

Question answered.

I don’t have a boat that will hold her when she’s grown.


Obviously, you’re gonna need a bigger boat.

A mud puppy for sure!

I have been taking dogs on boats for 40 years. Canoes, rafts, driftboats, sailboats and power boats. I have never taken one in a kayak.


Puppy! Both breeds usually love :sweat_drops:

She and our grandson this afternoon. And she’s 4 months old.

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She’s a snuggly lap puppy!

Might have to change your mode of transport?

We had many a happy day on the water together, just a different point of view.

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I once did a club paddle of 12 miles from Brunswick to Bath down the Androscoggin River with a bunch of kayakers. The trip included a stretch through the Chops , aptly named for tidal whitewater. One of the paddlers had a shower mat just in back of his cockpit. His Golden Retreiver ( ( on the smaller side of GR size) sat on that mat very happily through out the trip.