Will supporting kayaks on the deck hurt the kayak?

We have fiberglass kayaks we store on racks all summer, hull down. Storing them upsidedown, on the deck, would be so much easier in terms of keeping chipmunks from eating their acorns on the cockpit covers and keeping rain from collecting there. The 2x4 rack arms are well padded and the rack is out of the sun. Ant thoughts?

Should not hurt fiberglass kayaks. Not affected by heat like poly.

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That’s the way I store my poly yaks and it is around 100 F here in the summer.
No deformation noted over several years.

I cut a scallop in the rack arms and fasten nylon webbing across it so the boats are resting on the webbing.

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I would much rather deform the deck than the hull, but if it didn’t deform the hull, why would it deform the deck?

I built a shed for my boats. The 2x4 stanchions I set at 30 degrees below horizontal and put a 4" block on the end. I used nylon strapping to cover this. It spreads the pressure out and cradles either the hull or deck.

A coaming cover is always nice on a sit in boat, it not only keep out the nut, but it keeps wasps from finding a home there.

That reminds me of a story about a woman I saw getting into a kayak, she wasn’t scared of the kayak, the water, or the gators, the wasps rising between her legs did terrify her.

I don’t know what boats you have but… if the deck is too weak for the boat to be stored resting on it, I would be worried about what happens if you ever have to try an assisted rescue.
Hence the deck should be fine with being stored that way.

For a boat stored deck-down, it’s worth considering using mesh cockpit covers to keep out bugs et al but allow the boat to dry out. Ovals cut from plastic window screen material and light bungee cord should work.

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