Will This fit into a Tandem Sit On Top

Who: I and a group of 4 other beginners are hoping to go to Lake Powell June 13th.

Experience: Low. We have done some paddling (sit on top kayaks) in Lake Shasta, but not over night. We do not have self rescue experience. I’ve done further half-day kayaking in Alaska with a Guide. We do have backpacking experience and backpacking gear.

Plan: 2 Nights. Maybe paddling 8 miles all together. 2 Tandem sit-on-tops. 1 sit on top.

Question: We do not have our own boats and must rent. Since we are beginner’s I would feel better about each getting sit on tops as I hear they are easy to get back on and good for beginners. We would really like to go for 2 nights because we love the camping/backpacking experience. The question is do you think a tandem sit-on-top would have enough storage space? I’ve seen some with small round hatches about 6 inches across. Are those generally big enough for back-packing gear?

Gear We will bring: 2 backpacking tents, they fit in four 7 liter bags, but I can squeeze them into 5 liter bags if I have too. 3 inflatable sleeping pads that each fit into 5 liter bags. 2 foam pads about 20 wide 8 inches round. Lots of Water, OR I have a filtration system, but do not know about lake powell water. Four 7 liter bags of food. 5 light blankets since its too hot for bags. The blankets each fit into 7 liter bags.

Do you think there’s a chance that this will fit into 2 tandem sit on tops and 1 sit on top? I guess I have to be carefull about the model I rent, but is it in the realm of possibility for the sit on tops?


Pack out your poo was the policy when I
was there about 6 years ago or use the available toilets so you might have a bit more gear to deal with.