Will this work for storage

My manual says that its best to store it on its side. What do you guys think about this that I threw together?

See pictures here



Depends on where you live.
Tornado Alley?

I used to have a shot of hundreds of FEMA trailers on flatcars, going through the Lower 9th Ward.

Looks okay
A little padding on those support bars would be good, especially during hot weather. Right now it’s just a corner of each bar in contact with the boat. You could broaden the contact area some.

Good point, guideboatguy
Also consider…in the sun much? UV will damage.

Sun damage.
I’m new and I keep hearing that if you strap your boat to your roof rack to tight and let it bake in the sun, it will tend to distort the boat. Makes sense, because plastic gets more plyable when hot. I like your hanger, just add more padding to the contact points and try to keep it out of the sun/weather.

I like your hanger and may copy it myself. I could make a cheap, plywood cover to cover the whole thing from sun and weather. It would also keep it out of sight from opportunity thieves(out of site out of mind).

behind shop in shade
This is behind my shop in the shade. I plan to put carpet on the shelves and attach a tarp that will drape over when stored.

It may tend to distort the boat, but
if the forces the rack puts on the boat are in the right places, the boat won’t distort.

I cut corners on racking a poly demo kayak I bought at auction, and got a dent on the bottom side, which went away when I cut and stuffed a piece of foam inside, and propped the boat in the sun again.

But I’ve had poly kayaks all over the nation, sitting in the sun at most stops, and have had no distortion. You just have to look at where the rack is pushing, and also not rope or strap to the nth degree.

The biggest cause of hull waves under poly ww kayaks is, of course, avoirdupois seal-launching off edges or hunching over ledges.

Got a crawlspace?
I put a rack made of PVC pipe into the crawlspace – out of sight of pirates and shielded from UV and tornados. I’m fortunate that it’s tall enough I can move around in there, and it’s not too much trouble to get the kayaks through the door.