Will Yakima low riders fit 2017 Subaru Forester?

I’ve got Yakima Low Rider towers from my 2001 Outback. Just picked up a 2017 Forester. Emailed Yakima to see if they will work on the Forester, Since the Low Rider was discontinued they do not know, and suggested I buy new towers. I should have expected that. Someone at RackAttack told me he knows of Forester owners that use them but could not verify if they are safe.

I’ve mounted them, they seem OK and do not wiggle or move with as much force as I can exert.
Since I will be carrying a 17 foot 75# canoe or two 55# kayaks I want to make sure I’ll have no problems. Bow will be tied to Thule straps mounted to inside fenders, rear ties to Thule toggle loops under rear gate (until I figure out a better way at the rear).

Has anyone used Low Riders on the current generation Forester?

I had the Low Riders on my 2000 Subie Legacy wagon. There designed for raised rails which your 2017 Forester appears to have. I would think your OK as long as you have them properly installed. I would inspect the towers for any stress cracks since there 15 years old.

Thanks. The towers are in very good shape, haven’t been used for 10 years.

I don’t know about your question, but I have noted that the distance between the bars on the factory racks is unsatisfactory. It looks to have been designed by a designer and not an engineer or paddler. They are too close together. On my '05 model they are far enough apart that bow and stern lines are not required with straps at the bars.

The cross bars are 44" apart. Not as far as old Foresters but further than most vehicles. No matter how far, you should always tie the bow & stern to the vehicle body. Belts and suspenders. A friend of mine was carrying a sheet of plywood on a factory roof rack (I don’t remember what the vehicle was). The plywood ripped the rack off the roof, luckily no one was behind him.