Willow Beach to Hoover Dam

I am planning a trip to the Colorado this Sept. I’m interested in exploring the canyons and hot springs north of Willow Beach. Has anyone done the paddle upstream from Willow to the dam?



Hi Alan, try posting this
on either the getting together forum or general discussion forum. Perhaps search the archives??? I know I asked once and got some good info:)

I have also seen posters report on this trip at Tom Holtley’s SOT site. It has always looked like a fun trip to me! I have visited lake havasu and paddled Topock Gorge twice. The paddle between Hoover and Willow will hopefully be something I manage in 2005.

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Willow Beach
Right now the hot springs is closed due to bridge construction. Call Lake Meade park office to see when this area will reopen.



You will have a nice paddle up Willow thru Black Canyon to the springs. Facilities if needed are at Boulder City or Kingman depending on which direction only a small store at the launch site.

September can be hot depending on what part of the month. The temps are around 100 degrees. If you catch the release time you will be fighting current but will have a free ride back to Willow.

Plenty of campsites to pick from. All in all a nice paddle.



no closures/restrictions
Thanks Pam. I’ll check that out.


I checked with Natnl. Parks and they said the restrictions are for hike-in to the springs. Construction traffic and hikers don’t mix well.

All clear from the water though. I guess about a year ago they found a couple of hikers who had become disoriened in White Cyn. on a 120 deg. day and died of exposure. Not sure if that has anything to do with some of the hiking restrictions or not. Hopefully the Sept. heat won’t be too bad this year, but I’m a desert rat and know how to keep cool and an occassional roll should do the trick. It’ll be a bit of a workout upsteam but it’s doable. Then the hot springs will be a treat in the evening along with some libations. Then go with the flow back to the take-out the next day.(or maybe the next;)



Post a Trip Report
Hot Springs used to be a hobby of mine, and that trip has been on my list for a long time.

Along with the East Fork Carson run, which will probably never happen.

hey cuda
I have the trip planned for the weekend of Sept 25. It’d be a pleasure to have you along if you can make it. Anyone else as well. No permits necessary if launch from Willow and not the dam. So far it’s just me. I do most of my paddling solo. Not that I prefer it, but it usually just works out that way.


Thanks for the Invitation!!!
My life is alittle up in the air right now, but who knows? I may be passing thru the area about that time…

Several paddling friends…
paddled that very stretch of river this past winter.

You might want to check out their trip reports/photos:




Cindy and I drove past the put-in the previous day, on our way to the Grand Canyon, but weren’t able to join in the festivities :frowning:


work weekend for me:(