Wilson Lake Kansas

I’m headed out to Idaho (to boat) this summer and figure I’ll stop at Wilson Lake (close to I-70). I’ve seen some pictures of interesting rock formations- anybody with first hand knowledge on which campground is best suited with a launch for viewing the formations? there are several campgrounds located around the lake.

Wilson Lake KS


I was just over to Chowchilla…anyone know the location of the first volcanic cone pile on left going west on I 80 ?

Wilson State Park
I made a stop at Wilson Lake on my way west in 2014. Wilson State Park (Coneflower loop) was an ideal stop over spot. It is only a short distance off of I-70, the campground was nice and not at all crowded, and there was the big lake on which to take a kayaking break. The rock formations were just across the Lake, and I guess they are actually in the larger part of Wilson State Park on the south side of the lake. There was a marina there and surely there must be a boat ramp. So, maybe you want to stay in that larger part of the park.

Traveling by myself, I generally sleep in my truck. A hefty rodent, porcupine, I suspect, got onto the roof of the truck in the middle of the night. It was big enough that it was rocking the truck as it moved around up there. That was kind of weird. I scared it off a couple times. Later, somebody told me porcupines crave salt and it was likely going for the deck lines of my kayak, which sees regular duty in salt water. So, beware the porcupine!


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Great lake
The water level is low now , so power boats are staying away. A good place to camp or launch is Otoe public area. It is near the entrance to the park and on the northern side of the lake. The typical Kansas south winds can give you a free ride after exploring the cliffs on the southern side of the lake. Beatiful clear water, but with an unusually high salt content, so wipe our boat down afterwards or spotting is tough to remove. The lake also has a zebra mussel infestation, so wear water shoes or your feet can get cut up.

thanks for all the info-
good tips for sure. I and some buds will put it to use this summer.

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