Wind noise foam blocks on car

Hi,I am using foam blocks and straps to transport my kayak on the car roof (no rack or bars), the noise is deafening… I have read that you can reduce wind noise when you twist the straps…I am always twisting the tie down straps in front and back, should I also twist the top 2 main straps that go around the hull of the yak and through the car?

I have a sit in kayak with rather large cockpit, will adding a cockpit cover help?

Thanks much!

I usually put the kayak on my roof upside down if I can. Getting a cockpit full of rain while it’s on your roof can add a dangerous amount of weight. If it’s upside down, then a cockpit cover probably won’t make any difference.

As far as straps, put a single twist between the anchor point and where the strap makes contact with the kayak. It will help. Make sure they’re tight.