Wind Noise

Hi. I just purchased an old town sportsman canoe. When traveling with the canoe at highway speeds (above 50 mph) the wind rushing by the canoe makes a extremely large howling noise…almost deafening. Any advice on how to eliminate this howling noise? Thanks in advance. I drive a Jeep Cherokee and I am using the OEM rack that came with.

Wind Noise
It may not be the canoe, but the tie-down straps, assuming you’re using them. Twist the straps around each other where they meet the crossbars and that will eleminate the notorius “harmonic buzz”.

yeah straps can really make some noise
But on my Jeep I notice some pretty loud wind noise when I load up the boats. Just something I live with

Two suggestions
1. As someone else mentioned - put a twist in the strap. It makes a world of difference.

2. Turn up the stereo.

3. (OK three suggestions) Use the hum as a focal point for zen meditation. This is more appropriate if you are the passenger in the vehicle rather than the driver.

Noise from something strapped to the car is something that you’re going to have to get used to. There is no way to completely eliminate it, but there are ways to reduce it. The twist is the easiest and most effective I’ve found.

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I will check the straps. You would think it was the air flow from the canoe with how loud it has become after 50+ MPH…lol. Thanks for all the suggestions :wink: you guys are great!