Windy App for Navigation

I use the Windy App on my phone or tablet to consult weather, of course, but recently realized that it has some rudimentary navigation features that might be helpful to paddlers. My guess is that this function exists because Windy also make a mapping application; however, the feature isn’t exactly easy to find.

If you open the map and zoom into your location of interest, press and hold on the place you want to navigate from and this menu appears:

Select Distance & Planning and the number 1 will appear as your start point. Press the map again to select your destination and you get this…

I quickly checked this against a paper chart and it’s pretty darn close. Accuracy depends on how much you can zoom in to see detail versus interfering with your ability to drop the second way point where you want it because you touched the screen in the wrong place.

Hope this helps someone.


Good tip. Thanks for pointing it out.

Very cool. Thank you for bringing this up.

Very handy. I’ve used it to get tide and current predictions, but didn’t realize it had this feature.