Windy Weekend

This weekend is forecast to be WINDY (20mph with 35+ gusts). And so have my last 2 weekends!

I have a NEW canoe (my 1st) and I just want to paddle!

Anyone paddle in the wind? On purpose? For fun? For training? With a pregnant wife?

What makes it better, if you just hafta get out there in the gale?

Like anything - depends where you are paddling. Wind is less of an issue on rivers where you are somewhat protected. It is no fun in a canoe in open water, but I find wind-blown waves to be more of a safety concern.

If you and your wife have not done a whole lot of tandem canoeing together my suggestion would be to wait for a calm day.

If you are new to canoeing and want to see what wind is all about my advice would be to stay close to your put in if on open water and start off always paddling into the wind.

I quickly learned on my first windy day the importance of weight distribution in the canoe and keeping the canoe level. It is often said to paddle a tandem as a solo you can sit backwards and paddle from the bow seat. I found to do that you also need some additional weight in the other end. When not balanced you will get turned like a weather vane.

What’s the water temp? Will you be alone or with other boats? Keep the PFDs on and don’t venture out more than you are ok swimming in. Only you and your wife can factor in the pregnant part. :canoe:

“…forecast to be WINDY (20mph with 35+ gusts)…”
You didn’t say what your level of expertise was with respect to paddling a canoe. In my experience, even skilled canoe paddlers would have their hands full at those wind speeds. If you’re going to practice in wind, do so with an onshore wind direction. As for your pregnant wife - if you capsize the canoe, will you be able to do a canoe rescue by yourselves? Stuff like that …

I totally understand the urge to get out there. I have it too and I don’t even have a boat. If there was a new boat staring me in the face every day it would he even harder.

I have needed to accept that the time is not right. I don’t yet have enough skills for the conditions and I don’t have proper immersion wear for the cold.

I also very much understand assuming you want to get in as much fun as you can before your baby is born. I was there last year. Me and my wife can’t do things like boating together anymore for the time being, but I expect that to change as the little one gets older. Well, even when she was pregnant she was less willing to exert herself or do adventurous things.

Today in Seattle it’s also going to be a windy afternoon. I’m not sure if NWOC will rent kayaks at all today thanks to that as they generally avoid it on windy days in chilly weather. I’m dusting off my bike to ride in a bit and that will have to be my adventure for now.

Sounds perfect for a downwinder. When you try to organize one it always ends up with a slack wind.

Vleelawson, bad idea. Very bad idea. Asking whether you should try it is evidence enough that you are not prepared to handle it.