wing paddle length

I have been gradually shortening my ONNO smaller mid wing and am now down to 208 cm, the shortest available. My stroke seems better. I paddle a Q700, am 5’11" and 175#.

The Epic site paddle wizard indicates lengths about 212 cm.

What wing length do you use? Am I getting too short?

Freya just rounded Cape Horn using an Epic small mid wing at 205 cm.

Sounds to me like you have it short
I paddle a QCC-700, am 5’-9", 150 lbs and use my ONNO wing at 113 cm.

I would think the Epic suggestion is more in line

But… with that said, if you arecomfortable and it is working for you then you might want to stay with it

Jack L

Seems about right to me
I have a 700X and an Onno paddle and am 5’10", 180. The paddle adjusts from 205-215. I started at 210. Now I use 205 and it feels best for me. Paddling form makes a difference. If you are fully rotating (most people don’t but think they do) and pushing your top hand across at eye level you will want shorter lengths. Otherwise longer lengths will seem more comfortable.

No correct length
Just use what feels good for you.

As to the length difference according to epic, don’t forget to take blade length in to account. I believe your Onno blades are shorter than the Epic which would result in a shorter overall length.

what feels good?
It is not always immediately clear what feels good. When I switch lengths it feels strange at first, and I must re-focus on technique. Only after adjusting to the new setting does it start to feel right. Also, I measure my speed, at moderate effort, over my usual distance (about 8 miles) and prefer to go a bit faster even if it does not feel as good. But my stroke seems to improve with the shorter length: more erect posture and better rotation.

In a wing lesson I took, the instructor recommended 212 to 214 cm. So I don’t know if I am making a mistake going down to 208. Right now I don’t think so.

The ONNO smaller mid and the Epic small mid both have blades about 19.5 inches long.

i would
Paddle at the recommended length. Focus on technique and see if you are dipping the shaft in the water. If you are shorten it by that much. I usually paddle at a shorter than recommended length, until the water gets choppy.

Ryan L.

re: WFG
My point is you are the one that needs to figure out what is best for you/what feels best.

Epic site or instructors recommendations are just that . You will need to put the time in and the length will sort itself out. You will also find you may vary the length based on the conditions that day.

Epics site recommends 209 for me and I usually am at 204.

Lets look at the variables
We don’t know your torso height nor your arm length. Both are important. You can’t really give a competent answer without that information. The criteria of “what feels right” changes with experience and learning. So you cannot rely on that without adding caveats. If you are really serious about this, and I assume you are from your profile, then you could profit from some lessons from an experienced wing paddle coach. It is amazing what someone like that can do to improve your stroke and help you decide on a paddle or paddles. My guess, and I do mean guess, is that with an efficient paddling form for your body configuration you will end up with a paddle length shorter than you yourself would have chosen. But, as I suspect you already know, there is not a spreadsheet answer. But on the other hand, this is an interesting journey. It may cost you some money but in the end it will probably be worth it. Now, should you move on to a surfski? I am looking at that. We shall see.

Agree with the above post
So many variables to consider that there is no one right answer for everyone. As I’ve grown in the sport and have graduated to longer thinner boats, paddle length has reduced as has blade size. Right now I’ve settled on 213 with my wing in my 21.5" wide sea kayak, surf ski I drop it to 210.

Onno Smaller Mid 19.25 with a softer tip

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profile ... Epic Small Mid 19.6" with a more squared off tip ... = apple and oranges.

Edit to add ... The Epic machine typically recommends much longer than this custom-for-YOU paddle building human would.

you have a few options
One - consult folks on internet who have never seen you paddle, who knows whether they are using wing paddle to the full potential. Paddling for years with a wing paddle doesn’t make anyone an expert - think blue hairs in Florida driving GM steamships.

Second - consult an expert wind paddle coach. This is, obviously, the more expensive option. Also, they might bruise your ego a bit.

already consulted
I already consulted an expert wing coach who recommended the 212 to 214 range. I find the 208 setting preferable. Perhaps I am making an error, but intend to stick with the shorter for the time being.

you were right
Thanks Pat, you were right. The shorter length seems best to me. The Epic site recommendation seems too long.

more difficult to brace with 205
many sprinters use a 205, For flatwater distnace about the same. But please visualize this. You are perpendicular to big waves about 10 ft apart. You try to brace but there is no water under the the center of your boat becuase each end is supported.

And congratulations to freya the goddess of kayak. It must really annoy old die hards who hate the wing and have no respect for women… I LOVE YOU FREYA. YOU ARE THE GODDESS YOU RULE

Don’t Worry About It
Unless you’re paddling an Olympic K-1 and splitting hundredths or thousandths of a second. Depending on mood, boat, cockpit, water, wind, waves, surf, etc. You’ll usually be adjusting length and feather with your Small Mid Wing Onno Paddle at some point in order to extract the most from it. That’s the beauty of the Onno Lever Lock, which can be adjusted 1/4 to 10 centimeters in length easily out on the water. So you can continuously experiment with different settings and be your own “expert.” Remember that what the experts recommend is not usually what they actually do. More power to you, for being flexible is the reason you bought an adjustable paddle in the first place. And if you really want to experiment more, go order the Onno Small Wing Paddle, which will really point out immediately any stroke defects you might have? I use it all the time as my in house “expert” to let me know if I’ve suffered any deterioration in my stroke.

Me too

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I have the same kayak and paddle. I'm close, at 6' and 184 pounds. I've been working on rotating properly and am down to 208 as well (in flat water). Feels good! However, when social paddling and not concentrating on rotating as much, I use about a 212 length.

adjustable can be a hassle
Guys with an adjustable paddle spend a lot of time fiddling with it. And then sometimes it breaks. It is good to be so comfortable as to forget about details and be out in front. Focus on water 10 ft in front of boat, not in the boat with your tired body during a long paddle.

If you had one Dave you would not be
saying that.

Glad to find others my size with the same equipment coming to the same conclusion. I find that with 212 or 214 it is more being able to keep a vertical stroke, rather than rotation.

For social paddles I use one of my non-wings. Rotation is still important.

You’re Right!
That just about describes me, which started 20 years ago when I got my small Descente Flyte Turbo wing that I converted into a telescoping two piece push button paddle. The feathering was fixed because of the push button, but I’d set it short (216cm) out in the bumps and extend it full (222cm) when I came into the flat water. And when I got my Epic Length Lock Wing, I was always experimenting with it in order to find the perfect adjustment, so I could use it as a template to put together my fixed length single piece wings, which were usually set at 217 or 218cm.