Wing paddle question ?

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I just got back from a training paddle and while I was paddling I noticed that my right hand is several inches farther away from the blade than the left hand is.
I noticed the same thing in the last race I was in, but did not want to try changing in the middle of a race.
Today every time I put my hands at the same distance, the first stroke would feel uncomfortable and after several strokes my hands would end up in the different position again.
I am right handed if that makes any difference.
Also one of the muscles in my right bicep has been torn off completely ( I jokingly call it my "unicep"), and this could possible be requiring me to shorten up on that side.

So- my question is should my hands be both at equal distance, or is this normal?


Hey Jack

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I don't have a unicep and I find myself doing the same thing, but with a regular Euro paddle.

Glad you posted this. I thought it was just me.

You said

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"my right hand is several inches farther away from the blade than the right hand is."

Not nitpicking, just clarifying if it is your right hand or left hand that seems to move out of position, because I am curious about how hand dominance affects paddling, and if there is an asymmetrical hand position that will help even out that dominance, and if there is, which should be closer to the end of the paddle, your stronger or weaker hand?

Simple tactile queue
Why not put a few thick rubber bands, the kind you might see holding bundles of couliflower or asparagus together, on your paddle shaft? They won’t come off in water and you could certainly feel them.


Thanks for picking me up …
…on that. I just corrected it.

I am right handed and it is my right hand that ends up a couple of inches farther from the blade than the left hand.


One wrap of electrical tape - on the outboard edge of where you want your hands. It’s just enough to tickle with your pinkies to keep you even/honest. You’ll feel it if a hand slips out - and if you can’t feel it with a pinkie wiggle you’ve slipped in. This is not something you want or need to be doing by eye.

At race speeds - I think you want to develop evenly or you risk other imbalances in shoulders, back, …

Figured you already have all these little tricks by now!

Same here
Jack, I had the exact same problem, that is my right hand slipping to the left. I believe this was a result of a stronger push with my right arm either because of muscle strength(I’m right handed also) or just poor technique. To cure the slipping I slid a small diameter O-ring about 1" diameter over the shaft to where my right thumb would be with my correct grip. I then wrapped over it with rubber electrical tape. (The heavy insulating rubber tape, not vinyl stuff) This has worked great to stop my hand from moving left. You might get a small blister at this “stop” next to your thumb but skin quickly toughens at that spot. I am also focusing on trying to balance my push on the upper hand during the stroke as I think my right side(or left side stroke) has actually been stronger.

I never stop learning !

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I figure people who are 100 years old and still have all their mental facilities have got to be the smartest people on earth!

Just yestetrday I learned my tid-bit of the day.
On the way back from paddling we went by a cotton field and I started singing: "Oh lordy pick a bale of cotton. Oh lordy pick a bail of HAY" --- Nanci immediately picked me up on it and said it is "a bale a DAY"
For the past fifty years, I thought it was "hay"

Hence: my new knowledge from yesterday!

Who knows what today will bring?


Sounds like a plan
I’ll try it.

Thanks a lot!



Why does it scare me that…
… I did know the right words? People getting song lyrics wrong can be pretty funny stuff.

JackL, sounds to me like…
…you’re just built lopsided.