Wing paddle question

What is the purpose of the blade offset on a wing paddle, specifically the Fenn 1 and 3? I’m used to it on my bent shaft Zaveral canoe paddles, but not on a kayak paddle. Is it for the same reason? It seems to give the paddle an unbalance felling if you let it roll horizontally in your hands. I assume that it must not matter when you grip it to paddle. Thanks for any help.

blade offset
try asking the makers. Offset is my own choice with hot glue. It is to reduce splash for smooth entry and exit and to promote rotation

Are you referring to the blade offset as in the feathering, or as in the bend at the throat like an elbow canoe paddle?

Wing paddle stroke
Wing paddle stroke is completely different than any other. I’d suggest if you are thinking of buying one to get one the videos about wing paddles. It’s a bit difficult to explain in print only.

Bill H.

I think he is …
The blades are off-axis relative to the shaft, just like “bent” canoe paddles. That indeed makes the paddle rotate forward, especially if it is non-feathered, when just held in your hands infront of you horisontally (like in a rest position). I would imagine this “offset” all but eliminates flutter and allows you to have a loose grip while pulling on the paddle shaft as the blade is so well planted you do not have to worry about directional stability with it.

It probably also helps with the release during the stroke…

It’s more about catch…
… and twist more about release, but it all works together.