Wing paddle vs Greenland Paddle length

Hi guys,
I normally use a 210cm wing paddle on my surfski. I am considering trying a carbon greenland paddle for lower intensity days to save wear and tear on the hands, arms, and shoulders (and they’re only $130 shipped on sale thru tomorrow!)

How does the length compare between a Wing and Greenland? If I use a 210cm wing, is a 210cm Gereenland ok? Or should I go longer/shorter when going to the GL? If longer or shorter, how much? Shortest option is 200-210 and longest is 220-230.


Length is just one of several factors to consider including loom length, loom shape and blade width and profile. Please consult some Greenland paddle sites such as Qajaq with a simple primer on paddles at

In addition, see if you can trial or demo some existing paddles to see what works for you.

This will be a blind purchase, so I wont have access to any of those dimensions.
I have 2 other paddles from this brand and have good experience, so am just going to take a stab in the dark and see how it goes. Its so cheap, if its a total failure I can sell it for what I bought it for, so I dont really care.

Is there a general guideline I can go off of regarding length, in the absence of other measurements? This will be a blind purchase.

Edit - the guideline laid out in you link says Arm Width + Qbit, which for me comes out to 231cm (I’m 6’1" and its 18" from my elbow to finger tip = 91" or 231cm). Does a 230cm paddle sound ok then?

Looks like you need a quick answer. The traditional length sizing is “wingspan + a cubit” i.e. fingertip to fingertip with arms spread plus an additional elbow to finger tip. In my case that works out to 84" (213 cm) but I’m happier with a little longer ~ 85 - 86" (I have a wider & deeper kayak that a West Greenland qajaq). If you will be mostly using the new paddle with your wing stroke than I’d suggest sticking with the 210 cm. However, if you might be dropping down to a lower angle stroke then bump the length up. Do check where you are holding your wing paddle. If the Greenland paddle you are looking at is shouldered then your thumb & forefinger will normally be just at the junction of the shoulder and the shaft (loom on a GP). If it is unshouldered (the blade tapers smoothly into the loom) then you have more flexibility.

I hate to break it to you, but that’s not even close to being a Greenland paddle. The blades are way too short and the loom/shaft is way too long. It’s some weird, skinny-blade, hybrid Euro paddle. If you want to experience what it’s like to use a Greenland paddle, buy or make one that’s similar to what Greenlanders actually use. This abomination won’t tell you anything.

Regarding your original question, most adult males are best off to start with a GP in the 84"-86" range. Since you’re coming from a wing paddle, I’d suggest going toward the long end. If you buy a wood paddle, you can always shorten it should you decide you need to.

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Don’t waste your money on the paddle you linked to.

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I use a 208 Onno wing with my QCC 700. I also have 4 GP’s all 218 to 220 cm. I am 5’11". For me loom length of the GP was far more important than overall length, and I use 23.5 or 24 inch loom length. I now enjoy the GP’s more than the wing, even though I go slower. When I had a GP with a 20 inch loom I hated it.

Loom length is primarily a function of shoulder width, rather than height. I’m an inch taller than you, but prefer a 22" loom.

I did not mean to imply loom length was a function of height. I don’t know what it is a function of, other than personal preference. I can only say that one should try different loom lengths and that this dimension is quite important.

Buy a 220cm Greenland paddle. I paddled the same length Wing blade as you. I made the same transition and that worked for me. Depending on the beam of your boat that should work for the default human. Don’t buy the paddle you linked to. It is not well designed. There are some good ones on Aliexpress. I bought one from Aliexpress QQSport on sale for $109+shipping. It is a good design, light and strong. has worked well. I have 3 of them and all are going strong. One of them has developed a wobble in the center joint but that is a easy fix with some shimming.