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My Epic length lock wing paddle seems to be decreasing in size when I paddle. I set it at 214.5cm and after 20 minutes of paddling its at 213cm. The sex wax I used on the threads today did not help. Does anyone have any other suggestions??? My catch lately has been very good.This problem started once I got my catch going in the right direction.

call epic
they’ll sort you out. always excellent customer service.


Sex wax on the threads!?
That gives increased friction on the threads, that means more resistance as you screw down and less clamping force. Barton is an engineer! Call

or better yet just let Oscar tighten it for ya!!! L

You are not alone.

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Mine was slipping too. I didn't think anything could be in my threads (never floated) but I had a good sized piece of grit. Barton had me clean the threads well & lightly scratch the male end with some 50 grit. Not enough to remove any volume, only for grip. I wasn't breaking it down & checking my threads. You should probably remove the nut & clean all threads every week or two and maybe use Epic's wax or parafin. My adj. goes 213-223 & I now paddle with a 213, although I did a 2 1/2 hr. race at 214 this spring, with no slip! I'm on my third Epic wing and service has been better than excellent. I recently picked up a round shaft kit for a spare/training.

Wing Paddle
What do you mean by the male end of the paddle DP Green? Please explain where and how you scratched the paddle?

Male end

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is where all the adjustments are marked and the one that slips inside the other. Barton told me only to scratch/sand with 50 grit (rough up) the surface & not try to remove any volume from the marked shaft. My friend from Montana experienced the same thing & roughed up the male end, with good results. I replaced my nut (original is still fine) to have a spare. I now break it down/bag after every paddle & only need hand tighten to firm. I think the key is to clean the threads on the nut/shaft with a paper towel at regular intervals. You can even pick up grit in the paddle bag. Good luck & have fun paddling!