wing paddle

i completely agree
A while back I was reading about the wing stroke and figured I would try it . It takes a bit to get the rhythm but I feel like the boat just goes faster with less energy. I think a huge problem is pulling the paddle to close to the boat for too long. I was always pushing water up . Paddling away from the boat limits that force. Not only that but the paddle hops out of the water with a tweek of the wrist.

Ryan L.

I can’t imagine…
using a euro paddle with my ski…

Radiomix, look at the photo full size, my wing from ONNO on the rock.

stroke stroke
The body is more efficient using a wing stroke, than a conventional stroke. The wing paddle makes the wing stroke easier. It is the stroke that is efficient, not the interaction of blade and water. Most energy is lost in the paddler’s body.

If you use the wing paddle in a conventional low stroke, it will operate as a drag producing device, exactly the same as a conventional paddle of the same product of area and drag coefficient. It will have exactly the same efficiency as the conventional paddle.

It is more difficult to use a conventional paddle in a wing stroke than a wing paddle.