Wing Paddles????


I have seen a lot of mention of “wing” paddles. Can someone fill me on on these? I am not familiar with them.

What is their application----high anlge paddling I assume? Is this a fairly aggressive paddle?

Who makes them?

Would you recommend a wing paddle?

I get the impression that they have a small but loyal following. I am curious as to why.



Wing basics


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are the most efficient paddle for the forward stroke. Most authorities say they offer about 6 % more efficiency in a racing boat than a euro paddle. Some strokes like sculling strokes or a steyr roll are harder to do with a wing.

For going fast from here to there in a fast boat they are the best. Very aggressive, some folks prefer to avoid that kind of stress.

I would only recommend one…
if you are going to race, in which case they are a must if you want to be competetive.

For nature watching and slow paddling, all they will do is get you wet.

Take your euro paddle and shape the blade like a spoon, and that is what a wing is like.

On racing; they will increase your speed by about a mile an hour, but they will also work the hell out of you.

This is just my opinion based on my experience.

I won’t race any more without mine, but also I won’t paddle a smell the water lilly paddle any more without my euro.



Hi, I posted this on the high stroke thread as info for getting a wing paddle for those interested.

Paddles by Danny Broadhurst.

The length loc does not separate from the paddle, so there is no parts to lose. With one firm twist it locks down real nice and is adjustable to all feathers left and right and a distance of about 4-5cm’s in length. Each paddle has a grip for the control hand that is very comfortable and thicker than the paddle shaft. easy to take apart and put together, the blade is very similar to the epic mid wing. Nice finish

Check these paddles out. I have one of Danny’s, and it’s quite nicely made, strong, and very reasonably priced. The Yak-Lok/length lock is a nice feature, particularly if you’re getting used to paddling with a wing. It allows you to experiment with length and angle of ‘twist’ as noted. The mid blade has a pronounced scoop, maybe more so than a comparable Epic. The Epic line is considered the creme de la creme by many, but is also $$. Some have reported getting blem blades at good prices via the website, and having Epic match them to appropriate shaft combinations. The Bracsa paddles are another contender. I might recommend you stay away from the Simon River Sports plastic connectors, as if you plan on disassembling your paddle for transport, the connectors can break. Stay with aluminum. I’d expect that they are carrying two, three, and four piece paddles that have this option.

On wings in general, I’d echo others’ sentiments. If your bent is on going fast, wings are the ticket. If this is not your emphasis, you might explore other options in wider blade traditional Euro paddles. The Onno paddles, Epic Active Tour, Werner Ikelos, etc. come to mind. So many people get fixated on the boat (me), but a great paddle is like an epiphany.

I have an Epic, and love it, I never even use my full carbon Euro any more. The Wing worked great for me, as for stress to use, heck its no worst then a euro. and for me its actually less stressful. as the wing will do it own thing in the water, you cause stress by trying to make the wing act like a euro. It should naturally want to move to the side as you stroke it. let it move out… One way to tell if you doing it right is after a few weeks with a wing go back and try your Euro, It will want to hunt all over the place and just feel sloppy! I don’t know If I am going any faster, but it does seem easier…

love my turbo
The problem with a wing is that anything less is a wimpy noodle . They grab so much water so well that they are great for improving stability and speed. I love the long narrow turbo wing because it so low stress at catch when the paddle is away from you. Turbo won the gold in athens at 500 meter men’s. Turbos are much more rugged than epic.

long ones
I think Dan Murn showed me that paddle at a race. It did look like a nice paddle. sort of like a greenland wing so to speak.

Balanced viewpoint
Wings can be neither so great nor so bad, unless one is a beginner and thinking that boat and paddle make the paddler.

For an intermediate paddler a wing paddle can work for bracing, sculling, and roll adequately although not as easily as Euro paddle. It is faster if one is paddling with substantial force otherwise little difference. Even for racers, most will say that it is a few % points faster, not 1 knot faster (for racers every little bit is necessary). Another positive is the crisp and full catch at the beginning of the stroke, and the control that comes from a non fluttering stroke. On the other hand poor technique will cause it to dive quickly pulling manya beginning wing user over.

I say try one thorougly first and see it it appeals, or not. At times I enjoy using one when not going solo or in really rough conditions, surf, etc.

OK so uncork the wine, dont show
me the lable and tell me it’s good.HOw do you scull with a wing?

Tentatively, Tentatively…
Peter. Many practice sessions become rolling sessions as well. :wink:

Some say they have achieved this nirvana-like sculling state; alas, this paddler does not number amongst them. Back to the temple to consult Master Po…

Methinks the master wears no clothes NM

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And you should have seen me on the Mako, but if you blinked, you missed it.

Matt… just to be sure you are clear on
this: wing paddles have absolutely NOTHING to do with whitewater paddling. Not in Aeroquatics, not in Jackson Fun kayaks.

Tell that to the South Africans! L

About 95% of the South African
(Ocean, River, and wildwater) paddling community use wing paddles!

I can see using one in wildwater, if
one is pretty confident about navigating the course without hard maneuvers. I assume you are not claiming that people are using wings in general whitewater paddling. Even without Corran Addison, they are smarter than that.

no, not for play boating
But they do tackle some nasty water in sprint boats.

Check out this gallery.

Further Thoughts
I haven’t met anyone who has learn “successfully” to paddle with a wing and also paddle with an Euro…



Good shots. I will have to ask local
downriver kayakers whether some are having success with wing paddles. Otherwise, though, it isn’t just “playboating” where wings might be difficult to manage. I do a lot of compound strokes in normal river running which I think would be very difficult to manage with a wing paddle.