Wing Paddles

After reading some of the posts I am interested in buying Wing Paddles, but I did not know they were so expensive.

Does anyone have any suggestions where to buy

them and from what company?

I live in south Fl.

google Epic, i abuse the heck out of mine and its still going strong.

ONNO Paddles
Great paddles and good prices.


Used an Epic for 6 yers now
It’s taken too many hard knocks and looks new, albiet a couple micro chips at the tips. I’ve got the ‘mid wing’, much better than the standard blade for everything except sprint racing. I use it in my long touring boats (K.S. Vivianne & C.D. Stratus)when I want to cover ground fast for a workout. They can take a toll on the joints though, if used exclusively in tourers, they take a lot bigger bite of H2o. Great second paddle, not something I’d use all the time except for training runs, otherwise my G.P. is my first choice. Epics are very nice.

Onno Paddles are Great!
I’ve got an endurance race wing and it’s great. Very light and durable. I use it primarily for workouts.

I have an Epic and I am waiting for Pat (ONNO) to get his act together with a screw type ferrule adjusting paddle.

He should have it in a few weeks.

His wings are lighter than Epics.

My wife has one of his original ones with the screw ferrule and loves it.

I strongly suggest getting an adjustable length one, since in my experience whatever length you start with, you will be bringing down the length as you learn with it, and you will definately want it shorter than a Euro.



what jack said about the length, i also like the ability to change feather angle, although I admit i useally wind up bringing it back to the same angle as my euro.

Braca-Sport Paddles
Braca-Sport wing paddles seem to be the models often copied by the other better-known brands. Some of the models, including the popular Bracsa IV, are available in two construction methods, 100% carbon, and a slightly heavier and less expensive “Recreational” blend that has 50% carbon blades with 60% carbon shafts.

I was able to purchase a Bracsa IV Recreational Max as a kit for around $250’s a few years back. It came unassembled with 2 blades, 1 shaft, a hot glue stick and some instructions. It was relatively easy to cut the shaft to my preferred length. Gluing the shafts on with a heat gun was pretty easy too. The only challenge was ensuring the feather was correct. But this is manageable if you have average shop skills and know how to use a protractor.

This paddle is bullet proof. I have 4 - 5 years of hard use on this paddle without a problem. I am thinking of trying the newer Bracsa VI as a more extreme version of the teardrop shaped Bracsa IV. Newbies may be better with the more forgiving parallel-edge models.

Braca-Sport does not seem to have an established dealer network in the USA. I purchased my kit directly from Van Dusen Boatworks in Cambridge MA. I am not sure if Van Dusen still sells Braca-Sport paddles since they now have their own line of paddles. However, if they had any kits leftover you could probably get a deal.

Current price for a Recreational Bracsa IV is listed at $310. I guess some would still think this is expensive. But if you are thinking of committing to a wing, then you are a probably more serious paddler who will appreciate buying better equipment.

The Braca-sport website lists a contact person in New Jersey: Michael Martinov or Lars Linde at 732-299-7272. Maybe they have the inexpensive recreational kits available.

Go to the Braca-Sport website to see the many models and pricing if interested. Although not all that well known, they are the benchmark for wing paddles.

2 for sale
I sent you an email, but I’m never sure whether these get through. Anyway, contact me if you want to talk about them. I don’t really need 4 wings…


Speedwing S-2000
One of the cheapest options is a speedwing S2000. These use carbon reinforced injection moulded blades so are marginally heavier. One supplier is Fastkayak

try race club or US olympic flatwater race clubs sell used padddles and the lessons you coukld get would be fabuluos.

call Bruce at he’ll set you up with something. plus he’s in Boca Raton.

Bracsa paddles at
Randy Henriksen, at New York Kayak Company, sells Braca-Sport paddles. He didn’t have any rec models when I was ready to buy, so I shelled out the big bucks for an all-carbon model. It has been more durable than I feared it would be: three good whacks on rocks have created tiny folds at the edges, with no loss of material.

I couldn’t get Bracsa’s New Jersey distributor to pick up the phone, and there was no way to leave a message when I tried.

I met the owner of Bracsa when I was in Budapest. (They make the paddles in Lithuania but administer the company and do distribution in Hungary.) Nice guy, and has more lovely carbon fiber in his garage than I’ve ever seen in one place before. If you’re seriously looking for a Bracsa in your area, I am happy to call him and see how he recommends you get hold of one.

– Mark

Braca-Sport USA
I called the Braca-Sport New Jersey rep number and received their voicemail. Their message did not mention paddling, but rather sounded like a kite surfing company. I did not leave a voice-mail.

I sent them an email inquiry. I have not received a reply yet but its been less than 24 hours. Hopefully I will get a reply soon.