Wing paddles

Do you use a wing a your everyday paddle in the yak? Thinking pretty seriously about breaking off an order to ONNO for one. Never paddled with the wing before but Patrick made a great analogy as we spoke on the phone the other day. I shared with him that I am an avid cyclist and he said the wing experience was like going fromm riding your MTB all the time to jumping on the road bike and having the sensation of the wheels flying down the road.

Any wing opinions?

BTW, I want one of every damn thing Patrick makes. He’s got some cool components and he is a pretty cool guy to talk paddling with.

My everday paddle is a wing, I have two of Pat’s Wing paddles and one of his “feather” paddles for guests and kids. Also got a seat back from him and a rudder. His paddles are works of art.

Pat’s a great guy and I was fortunate enough to spend the day with him on the big island last year.

To extend the analogy
of racing bike vs. a mountain bike. If you can be content with what a racing bike does, then by all means - that would be the tool for you. If on the other hand you like to from time to time go off road, than the racing road bike is very limited there. Yes, you can ride it over a bump or two but you get the idea.

Same with the wing. If you want to cover some distance fast, probably it is the right tool. But if you like to play in rough water (vs. just padd thru), then it is not the best thing (will get you thru still).

So it is totally up to what you want to do with it -:wink:

Its a mindset.
Such as flying off the bike path into the bushes with the road bike … Not only can you do it, its fun, challenging, builds skills and fun to look @ the stares of guys who are all ‘geared up’ who think it can’t be done.

The wing choice
is a matter of personal preference and what you will be happy with. I have used one many times and have enjoyed them but I wouldn’t want one for every day because of the waters I paddle.

Should you buy one… in time you will know if you made the right choice. Either way you still have your old paddle and will have the best of both worlds.

Happy paddlin’

Nothng like a double suspension downhill

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-;) Not that I've done that...

But a friend and I switched bikes climbing a pretty tall peak over some dirt roads. One bike had suspension, the other did not - the one with the suspension was so much easier to ride and required less effort. So much so that the guy riding the non-suspension bike could not have completed the trip if he was not switching with the other guy periodically (he was that much more tired even though he was just as conditioned as the other guy)...

No argument about the "skill building" part though -;)

yes, I paddle now with my ONNO wing
every time out.

I used it today on a 9.5 miler.

I originally got it for racing, but found that it paddles itself, and I don’t even have to guide it

My wife and I got the last of his screw type ferrules, and they are superb.

They are good for racing, lilly dipping and lastly; wonderful for scooping up undersea critters.

My Epic touring paddle is now my spare.



It is a blast to take a road style bike into the dirt. If you are a good bike handler it’s not that big of a deal. There is a 19 mile singletrack trail not far from my house that I have done many times on my cyclocross bike. When the MTB’rs see you blowin’ through and then catch a glimpse of the drop bars they’re not sure what to think.

When you get the fit sorted out on the bike it makes you so much more confident. I am praying I find the right person to help me with the yak fit so that I can find that kind of confidence on the water.

Sounds as though Patrick has a pretty fair number of fans here. Cannot wait to place an order for a wing. I will never forget the difference between my old heavy fiberglass paddle and my current Epic touring paddle.

Wing Paddles
I have recently worked through your quandary. I have an Epic Mid wing and Relaxed Touring, Lightning Euro, and carved Greenland. It has taken me a while to be comfortable with the wing in rough conditions. I prefer the Euro in surf conditions, Greenland in windy conditions, and wing as an all around paddle. My spare paddle is a Euro or a 2 piece Greenland as soon as I carve it. We all carry a spare paddle??? This way I am covered for all conditions. I almost had a gust of wind (+40mph) rip the wing out of my hand and knock me in the water. The change up from the Wing to Greenland can help your tired body on long paddles. I prefer the mid wing to the small mid wing because it feels more natural and less like a Euro. I would not recommend a large wing for touring unless you are sure it is not too much paddle. ONNO has a good reputation for paddles and accessories. I would trade one of my Epic hybrid Mid Wings for an ONNO carbon… Have fun learning your strokes and bracing with the wing. There are a few good videos that help with the wing paddle stroke. You will enjoy the wing paddle.


Once I went wing…
I never went back.

Wing only, please
Ever since the urge to go faster and farther hit me in my rec. paddling days, I have bought longer, skinnier, faster boats and bigger paddles. It didn’t matter how big the blades on my euros were, they still felt inefficient. I now paddle a CD Nomad (Extreme) and strictly use an Epic large wing.

I feel that I have finally arrived, and can call myself a real sea kayaker. I’m also considering changing my profile to “Advanced”, because using a wing paddle pretty much makes me better than everyone else.

Sometimes I sit at the kitchen table with the family looking at old pictures of me in my rec. boat and using a euro–just for chuckles–you know–like baby pictures.

Go ahead, I dare you:
to call yourself “advanced”



Good one!
I dare you too! :wink:

Oh Yes…
Occasionally I’ll dip my wife’s Euro blade in the water (Werner Ikelos), and although it’s as smooth as butter, it still feels like a noodle (albeit an al dente one). If bow rudders and the like are your thing, then stay Euro or Greenland, but for well nigh everything else, just wing it. Pat’s paddles (and other fine ONNO products) are the real deal, and he’s one heck of a guy.

wing and other paddles
I’ve got a wing, not his but I like mine, and it works great for what it’s best at, going fast and for exercise. Do it use it for everything, nope, not the best paddle for everything. Most of the time I use my GP cause it’s easier on my bod and it’s dead quiet which the wing never will be. Wing is really not great for moving water, so don’t use it there either.

Depends on how you paddle and where for how much use you’ll get. It’s fun and worth it btw.

Bill H.

I guess it does “depend on how you
paddle” !

I was think of your reply yesterday during a paddle and noted to myself that my ONNO wing made absolutely no noise at all.

I wasn’t racing which if I was, I am sure there would be some noise.

I was going at a touring/nature watching pace.



Also depends on which wing you’re using. You won’t be quiet with mine, unless it stays in the car :slight_smile:

Bill H.

Btw, it’s off season, everything around here is frozen. Not looked at any of my paddles in months.

Mine’s a modified Flyer from Lloyd at FastKayak. Very high twist and I like it alot, it’s just noisy.

Bill H.

Bike money…
Received my funds from selling one of my road bikes yesterday. Mr. Onno is getting ready to become the recipient of a chunk of this money as I order one of his wings as well as a couple other componenets. YeeHa!

Wise decision
I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Mine has been in almost continuous use for the past five days, and has over 200 miles on it since mid December. (probably well over a thousand counting last year)

Yesterday, it was not only used for touring, but we came several miles across some open choppy water in a 15MPH wind, and the paddle does it’s own thing while I just sit back and enjoy the ride.