wing roll

Some time ago I reported here that my roll using my wing paddle was much more reliable than with either my Euro or GP. This link to an Australian board seems to be generally in agreement:

I opine that the wing just makes it easier to roll. Others think that it encourages poor technique, which may be true, but I prefer to worry about poor technique after I have rolled up.

One thing is clearly true
A wing paddle make a sweep roll almost a no brainer. Beyond that I don’t know one way or another.

opposite for me
Ease of rolling in decreasing order for “fancy” rolls - GP, Euro, wing. Sweep roll is easy with all of course.

Depends on Conditions
I’m sure we had this conversation before but I’ll say it again. If you do a nice “set up and roll” I’m sure you can place that wing right where you want it and roll right up. On the other hand, if you get knocked over totally unprepared and have to move the paddle to where it needs to be (submerged) that spoon shape is a problem. Where the GP zips in a straight line to where you aim it, the spoon shape either slowly drags or you have to move the blade in a series of arcs.

Here’s the secret to getting a GP to bite the water like a wing:

Set up.

Go over.

Sweep the GP back.

Right the boat as you sweep the GP back FORWARD.

the subject line makes me hungry

wing roll

Teriyaki or buffalo?

or spicy cajun?