wing, rudder and wind

I ordered my first wing paddle, and have a Q700 with rudder and a Seda Ikkuma without. My plan is to paddle the wing exclusively with the Q700 until I am comfortable with the new stroke technique.

Are there any difficulties to be expected in boat control in wind without the rudder, when using the wing? I would imagine that sweeps, high and low braces should be perfectly adequate with a wing.

No difficulties
…some small differences, though. There should be no difference in the forward stroke when using a euro or a wing. A wing is designed to take advantage of the lateral movement of the blade in the water during the performance of a forward stroke with good torso rotation.

Sculling will feel a little different and will require more exaggerated flexion of the wrist. The low brace will not be quite as firm.

Ever since I got comfortable with my
wing, I find I can control the boat even better than with a euro.

I was in a strong tidal flow just yesterday sweeping through a twisting mangrove channel, and all the correction strokes just seem to come natural.

It is the exact same with strong quartering winds.



Sweep Stroke: Wing vs. Euro
I have found sweep strokes with my wing paddles to be less effective than with my large-blade euro paddles in strong sidewinds, with the result that some boathandling strokes in severe conditions can become more difficult with my wings. I believe others have not found this to be so. I should mention that my arms are short and I suspect this may play into it , perhaps by reducing the levering action of the wing. You may wish to experiment to determine if this applies in your case.

How many of you use a wing with a boat without a rudder?


For grinding it out in a headwind
The wing excells, just did that this past weekend.

lean the boat
Lean to the left and the boat will go right. Near shore, do extreme j leans where you lean way to the left and bring the boat way up until you can see under the boat as water would enter the cockpit