Winner Kayaks from China

Wanted to get some feedback on Winner kayaks. Serenity model for sale here (singapore). Not may sea kayaks available so cant be too fussy.

Have seen the Winner Serenity kayak for sale here. price is reasonable (~usd 800). Wondering if anyone has any feedback on company, quality, boat handling etc. Not much written about them online, so trying to find out more.



Several factories in china
Turn out kayaks to be branded by multiple names through out the world. If you can’t find much information about a company I would purchase with caution. Not all kayaks made in china are crap, unfortunately most of the “no name” copies are crap.

From China
I would be looking at Stellar; in particular the Intrepid–definitely on my list of top 10 sea kayaks.

has a turn now Boreal bow ?

tested one ? local dealer ?

how’s the bow work if I’m seeing the photo correctly as a bow keel bulge ?

cost savings over Wenonah ?

I am sure
they did a knock off of another brand minus the quality.

Be cautious
Buying online is difficult when you are not aware of the brand. My first kayak from a not-so-popular brand, I checked it out at their store before going forward with the purchase. Products from china are quality but you can’t be sure which one. Good kayaks can be found for that price but they are mostly on sale.

In no way am I pushing Chinese boats, but the Stellars I have seen and paddled have all been top quality boats. They offer a variety of layups and they are not cheap.

Several brands of boats that might be assumed to be American made, are actually built in China, or somewhere else in Asia.

they have a kayak made specifically for kayak polo!

lack of profile

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Since the OP has yet to add a profile, it can only be deduced from the initial post that he is located in Singapore, not North America, and is therefore constrained in his choice to what is locally available.

Note to Percyb: post a profile so we have a better idea of who you are, where you live and paddle and what you are looking for in a kayak. t's up to you to include as little or as much as you want in it, if privacy is a concern. It's free and it really helps people give you informed and useful advice. Many forums won't even allow you to participate in a forum without a profile -- Pnet is very generous in not requiring it but I feel it is proper etiquette towards your fellow forum participants to identify yourself in that way, as most of us have.

There are a few people on the forum who have lived in Asia and SE Asia. Perhaps titling a post "Kayak options in Singapore" might attract some feedback from them. Just a suggestion.

I tend to agree with the previous respondents -- just reading through the promotional material for the Chinese vendor suggests to me that these are shoddy knock-offs with only a superficial resemblance to the products they are copying.