Winonah Fisherman

I found a fisherman 14’ for a good price. Does anyone have any firsthand experience with this boat. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve not paddled it.
People whose opinions I respect have high opinions of the boat.

Sorry that’s not first hand.

Have you checked the reviews on If not, click the reviews button along the top just below the picture, then select We-no-nah from the Canoe Reviews list, and then look for the Fisherman. There are six reviews there.

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Fisherman at a favorite fishing stream

If the price is decent (I’m assuming used?) why not get it and try it out? shouldn’t be hard to resell if you want something different, and you could do much worse. You may have already read my review here. Although I did eventually sell it (easily - and for as much as I payed for it used), I still consider it a good boat. If I had unlimited storage for boats, I would have kept it.

I fish that stream standing up with a fly rod. Worked as good in the Fisherman as it has in any other boat - and better than some that I have now.

not fishing experience
but I and three girls under the age of 6 were in one for 3hrs on the Russian River. Paddles well for a wide boat.