Winter day shop project, stowable yoke

-- Last Updated: Feb-26-05 9:20 PM EST --

Spent the day in the shop today making a removable stowable portage yoke for the Magic. I hope to do a trip or two this year so this was needed. It worked out good and it's not in the way. Thanks Dave (C2g) for the insperation. I also made one for the Independence too.

photos at

That’s a pretty slick looking setup. It’s a nice, simple setup, and I like the way it stows under the seat. The walnut sure looks good with that boat.

looks great
Nice looking setup, N.T. You do some fine work!

I likey!
For years I’ve been looking for an attractive, yet practicle way of stowing solo yokes. I think you are on to something. With your design, how far does the yoke extend below the seat?

Looks good N.T.

Say, here’s an ignorant question. Why are smaller “bracket” pieces on top rather than underneath? Does that let you make the fixed length of the yoke a little shorter?

Thanks for sharing. It is informative and inspirational.

Well since the seatback was already
stowable I found it to be a good place to store the yoke but it does stick down about 1 1/2". I don’t kneel in this boat much and if I do it’s forward of the seat. That being said you could use the same system with the stock seat and it would only hang down 3/4 of an inch.

Well on the Magic…
you only have 1/2" under the gunnel untill you hit the glass, buy placing the clamps on top I could extend the lip a little more for a better bite when the boats upside down. The 5/16 stainless carrage bolts provide plenty of gripping power. You could however reverse the position of the clamps and I actually had to have a cigar and a cup of coffee while I thought this over, so your question is not ignorant. I just didn’t want to drill through the gunnel since they are smaller than what is on most wood trimmed canoes and don’t like open holes in the wood where the dredded dry rot can get a foothold.

What a coincidence…
I bought a yoke from the Backpacker’s Shop but the clamps were too far apart, I could have redrilled and such but for $70 I shouldn’t have too so I traced it onto a nice piece of wood and returned it. Then I cut out and sanded and stained and glued minicell and from using leftover stuff, I made a decent one. For FREE… I was gonna try to make a paddle but I opted to make the yoke.

That is a coincidence!
mine was FREE too. I love the price.