Winter Gloves for a Wing Paddle

I am going to be paddling my surf ski this winter. Would like to know what winter gloves one would recommend for a wing paddle. For me, I could use any bulky glove for a touring paddle but for my wing I really need to be able to feel the paddle. I am going to be paddling in flat water.

If you think you will be able …
to keep them dry, I found a cheap pair of garden gloves at Lowes that work pretty well.

They have a latex palm and fingers, and fabric backing.

It is pretty hard to keep them dry when paddling with a wing though.

I found that I don’t like the polar fleece since they are too slippery.



have you considered pogies? if not, I recently bought a pair from Heather McNie (, the lined version on the accessories page. I like them alot. My hands have stayed very warm…they are of course water proof, but since they have velcro where you attach them, if you bury your entire hand under water some will come in through the velcro.

NRS navigators
Give the NRS navigators a try. Or if your hands get cold easily try the reactor gloves though they wont give the control of the navigators. These gloves are well made and pretty warm. I have also used the neoprene fishing gloves sold at Walmart for $8 and they work very well and keep my hands warm through almost all my winter paddling. They only have them at certain times of the year though. I have found that, for me at least if my hands get cold before my paddle that they stay cold or take forever to warmup. But if I keep gloves on while unloading my ski and don’t let my hands get cold to start with then they usually stay warm throughout the paddle. Hard to do though. Sometimes the gloves just have to come off for undoing straps and such.

nordics or mittens or pogies
i paddle with a wing all winter, often below freezing when i go out in the early am. i find the pogies the least satisfying, at least the ones i have, since they are find of heavy and my stroke suffers. had good luck with nrs mittens for a couple of seasons. last year i got nordic blues, which i use with expedition weight capilene liners. very good paddle control, especially with a little bit of surfboard wax on the paddle. my new paddle is a bit thicker and doesn’t need the wax.

anyway, any of those options should work fine with a wing.


It is all what you like the pogies for give a real feel to the paddle. I have used mittens and gloves for WW. Sierra trading post has great deals. Pogies for me are my choice. If you could try some then make your decision.


combo poggies and latex dry gloves
NRS has a latex dry glove that you can place a thin liner on over and if needed you can add a thin poggie over the system, the kind that stays on your paddle shaft and you can unfurl and drape on and off as needed. This is the best of both worlds. For really cold or when winds kick up you may find even Nordic Blues with a really thin liner and “burped” so there is little or no air in them work fine too! Adding some paddle “sticky wax” helps also.

I was able to paddle all last winter even in snow storms with snow geese, swans, beavers, and muskrats sharing the scene on some open slow moving water this way.


gloves are still my favorite.

hey andrew
what kind of paddle did you get?

hope India was nice!

Glacier Glove Company
Give Glacier Gloves a serious look-see. The ‘Perfect Curve’ model is not to thin or thick with a thin fleece attached liner. Good warmth with a very good feel (sensitivity) on the paddle. The fingers are also precurved for a good, comfortable grip. I seem to get around 3 years out of a pair. Nice stuff.

Two options
Here’s the options I usually give my paddling students looking to brave the winter;

One) Pogies

Skin contact with paddle. Fabric/Fleece models (like from Kokatat) wrap up onto the paddle shaft when not in use and quickly deploy to stuff your hands into one it’s too cold. Works great for touring/sea kayaking where you’re protecting from wind & splash/spray. Cost between $20-$40. (no manufacturer paints or applies googly eyes to them though so their sock puppet application is limited to a blind version of Seymour the Seasick Seamonster - ok 2nd grade sense of humor of mine)

Two) Mittens - Yeah mom was right!

NRS makes some great paddling mits that allow you to keep all your fingers together making a warm atmosphere next to your skin, kinda like a pogi. Takes a couple days to break in, but then the palm is much more pliable and good paddle shaft contact can be maintained without feeling like you have to clench your hand all the time to grip. This is what I use for winter whitewater paddling, and yes you can actually tie your shoes wearing these. NRS Toaster Mitts = $35

3) Yes this is one more than two, I know.

NRS Hydroskin Gloves - for that in between sort of weather. Very gooey rubber, great grip for the palm. Cost $32

Hope this helps. Drop me a line if you need more $.02

See you on the water,


Hope this helps,

I paddled yesterday in full sun (25 degrees) bare handed, but no wind. In cold & wind, I use a pair of old fleece lined Colorado Kayak pogies. I find sometimes I need to take them off to let heat out if I wear a paddle jacket or skirt.

Winter Gloves for a Wing Paddle
Where can you get Nordic Blues? I have never heard of these.

Nordic Blues

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Ah' gots me pair at Dwyer Products.

Received them 3 days later. Great customer service.

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