Winter Kayaking - A different approach

Ok, but what about stopping? Interesting “paddle” choice too.

Apparently kayaks and snow is not a new combination. As a species it appears we will race just about anything. Here’s a clip from 2013.

Those jumps look like they’re hard on the back! I wanted to see one of them try to roll in the puddle at the end. :wink:

What got my attention with the video I posted was the steep grade and insane speed the guy was going with no brakes. Your video seems more conservative there. But hey, strap on a helmet and it’s all good and safe - right?

… and they make fun of ‘Florida’ people.
We don’t ALLOW snow down here.

Well, so far anyway…
Florida Might See Snow In 2019… A Snow Park

so if there’s snow, can there be some fool kayaker far behind.

insane playing chicken with chairlift stanchions. I used to do this thirty years ago at a ski area… Never fun to load yak onto chairlift…Did not have snowmobile chauffeur.
Yes we steered with pipes the only way to steer on solids is a reverse sweeping low brace of sorts.
For some reason races were suspended. Maybe it was because the course was artificial snow and a fairly narrow trail with a dog leg… Miss the turn and you flew into the bare woods with rocks and branches… Liability concerns that seem not to exist in Europe

While the speeds seem high its not unlike ski racing at 130 kph… You cant stop there easily as the course is sometimes sprayed with water to make an ice top layer.