Winter kayaking Raritan Bay/Raritan River NJ

I am an avid kayaker in the spring, summer, and fall, but would like to start kayaking year round. I typically kayak in upstate New York, but I live near the Raritan River and also about 20 minutes from Raritan Bay during the winter. Does anyone know where I can launch my kayak during the winter. It seems like all of the docks are pulled and launch ramps are not very suitable.

If you’re on FB check in with the Jersey Shore Sea Kayak Association. They used to have a Launch Directory but I don’t seem to be able to find it now with their new website.

Otherwise use the Launch Map

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Perth Amboy has a beach area suitable for launching.

Use beaches and fixed boat ramp areas. Any shore could do, that’s the beauty of a paddle-craft (kayak or canoe).

Please for your sake you should own at the very least a semi-dry suit to wear and bundle appropriately below it. The vast majority of kayaking deaths are from failure to wear a PFD, followed by hypothermia.

I do own a semi dry suit but will not go out in the dead of winter. That’s what the forest, trails, indoor archery ranges (or my basement) are for. Something about being on the water in the freezing cold that no matter how I bundle I am just not comfortable.

I go all winter too on Long island but I am geared up to the nines. Water can get really cold around here like 36° in shallower bays. Some what near inlet so it adds some heat.

I see water can get to 33° F in late January in Raritin Bay