Winter last night, spring this morning

Had our first snow before midnight, turned to rain. Sunny and 50 now. Sorry Rookie.
Our big footed white dog has mud brown feet. I’m on the 4th doggy towel .

My river is freezing



LOL… At least when the snow melts everything is still there… And if you do absolutely nothing eventually everything returns to normal…

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More than everything if you have a dog :upside_down_face:

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I grew up in a hurricane alley (Charleston, SC) and later lived for 8 years in another (Houston).
Given the choice, I’d stick to hurricanes, but got lucky and settled in a spot with few climate extremes.

Yeah, my sister posted a screenshot of the weather forecast for Indianapolis for the coming week. Oh gawd. Way mo Springy here in central NC.

Well, around here the part about “winter last night” rings true, and has for a couple days…but I’m waiting for the “spring this morning” part. Can’t really complain, its been a pretty warm winter till recently and a little snowier than average, but now they’re saying it’ll be the weekend before we get above freezing for a high. Yesterday afternoon it got up to 4deg. according to my car. Oddly, I’m thinking less about paddling lately. River’s frozen except for parts of the channel here and there. Creek’s still open, but not all that inviting.

Yesterday and today. I should maybe apologize.54 deg


Years back I was fairly new to this board and you and I were chatting about an ice storm as it was happening. I just now heard a CRACK… crunch crunch crunch… big branch breaking under the weight.
Hope the power stays on.

Glad I got those trees removed that were near the house.

Minus 34 F at 8:00 this morning {half and hour ago} …tell me about spring theory again…

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Where you is, roym? I’m near Greensboro, NC. Hard rain right AT the freezing mark. Still have power. For now.

I live in the far north of Wisconsin. A bit east of Duluth/Superior, just inland a bit, along the south shore of Lake Superior.

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Rex it is wet and 40 here and will be all week. I hope your lights stay on.

Yes, if that first picture is supposed to represent winter then some sort of apology is in order. :wink:

Leland Cyprus in the back yard. Power still on for now.

No worries until you can walk on the pool.

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It was 88 yesterday when we pulled into the RV park central Fla. It was not fun.

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Colder than anywhere I’VE ever been.