Winter Paddle around Quebec -cross post

Im going to be up east of Quebec City for work and going to have a couple of days off. I’m a capable winter paddler but don’t know the area well. I’ve found an outfitter who I’m going to contact but organized paddles with outfitters can be pretty sedentary and I can easily bring my own boat (providing it’s not too big a hassle at the border) and kit so if there are recommendations for launch and routes that would be great.


Steve Fisher -:wink:

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May not necessarily be where *you* want to paddle, but since I just watched one of Steve Fisher's films (about the Zambezi river in Africa) I recall there was something about Quebec and paddling around there -;)

That link above (you got to copy and paste the whole thing in your browser) has some info about the river and mentions some local names too.

Thanks for the info, I was looking more for sea kayaking, but it looks like it might be fun, just not at my WW experience level